Still here. Still loving life! :)

Wow! Such great weather these days! This weekend Swedes celebrate Midsummer. Usually on midsummer, it rains and is not particularly good weather. Not so this year, however - it is nice with a bit of a change :) This time of year is absolutely gorgeous around here! We have looong days and short nights (sunrise at like 4 am and sunset at 10 pm), it's warm+sunny (hopefully) and the water in the lakes around are heating up to a comfortable temperature. The long "days" makes for trips to lakes, bbq's and hanging around friends. Blogging? When appropriate. Remember? :)
Anyways. After a long day in the sun I finally got home and am now planning for tomorrow's trip with bbq on the lakeside, swimming, tanning, reading... :) I just took a break to update the blog quickly and tell you that I just ordered these books. I've been longing for these, supposed to be, uh-mazing cookbooks for a long time and now I will finally have them in a few days! Yay! I am so ready for a new cooking era to begin! I will finally learn how to make my own sourdough and then bread and pizza crusts from using it. :) + heaps more!
Well. That's about all that I wanted to say. Now I'm off to the kitchen again :) I'm making a honey roasted rolled oats muesli with cinnamon. Yum :)

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