c a r r o t c a k e c u p c a k e s

Had the most amazing carrot cake cupcakes yesterday. My sweet little sister made them for us and the baby as a late birthday cake kind-of-thing :) Sooo yummie! :)
Daddy and Granny snatched the best spots... :)

t r u e ♥ l o v e

Because a picture is worth a thousand words...


how hooked am I?

These are the brace pants that I got from my little sister yesterday. Ok, baby got them, alright! :) Anyways, today I matched them with a blue onesie and oh I'm in love! :) Maybe this is baby's going home outfit? Totally hooked! Ha!
image: me

la musica

Cleaning and doing small things around the apartment whilst listening to Jamie Cullum and John Mayer. Should do that more often... :) I spotify!


Image from IKEA
SO looking forward to the 2012 IKEA catalogue!!! :) Within the next few days-weeks it should arrive at my door! :) Wohoo! Supposedly a lot about storage - thank God!


♥ blueberries

I myself got this pajama set (other piece is blue+white stripes) in size waaay-to-big, whilst thinking "eventually...". I just LOVE the pattern... reminds me soo much of somthing (a table cloth maybe?) from my own childhood in Stavsjö. I just had to get it and since there were only large sizes left there was little left to do than snatching one of those.

I have the best little sister

Not only did she make me come out of my hiding and actually do something today but she also gave me more super cute baby clothes :) Baby says "thanks auntie"!


Jamie's 30 minute meals

Maybe this can cause my food and cooking inspiration to come back! Would guess so! Coming out in Swedish in a few days and has been out in English for about a year(?) Anyways, new to me. I stumbled across an episode of the tv-show just now - thank goodness! :) And I think heaps (if not all?) recipes are also on his website. Here's what I saw today.

and while we were at it...

J didn't really come home empty handed either... although the dust it is for me :) Miracle stuff ;)


Baby times = investment times. But this investment is for me :) And my hair, to be precise. I finally got around to getting these (supposed to be) really great products from Tigi. Hope they meet my expectations.