Stolen inspiration

For her birthday, my mum got a lovely book about cupcakes from J's mum (and dad). I stole some of the frosting recipes that I found interesting. By camera. I'll make sure to post about the ones I actually try and like! Some of them just look gorgeous!


.second hand

Today I did some second hand shopping with my precious mum! :) She's the only one who will go with me on such endeavours... Well, we have fun and I guess that's the whole idea.
12 small side plates, 2 bowls and a necklace made out of tiny fresh water pearls. All in all, $8.

My first Mårbacka Geranium

But definitely not the last! $7 at a local garden shop, I hope I can keep it alive.

Pieces of nostalgia #01 - Max Brenner

Oh geez... I'm having the worst and the best time, looking through some old photos from Sydney. Here's my first piece of nostalgia.
Picture: Me, click to enlarge!
Chocolate Fondue For Two at Max Brenner in Parramattar :) Ouch.


An amazing day yesterday

Pictures: Me, click to enlarge
Essentially, we came, jumped (some more successfully than others), took a swim, prepared food, ate bbq (pork skewers, tomato+avocado bruschetta, water melon + grilled banana with chocolate+"marshmallows"), flickered through a new magazine (Clara), loved the surroundings, went home, made ramekin pies (individual blends of blueberry/raspberry/blackberry) and watched Sleepless in Seattle + 27 Dresses. :) Thanks guys for an amazing day yesterday!


Fudge fans? Us? Nooo

We just think they've got really good products! :) The hairspray is amazing - apple+coconut! :) Yum! And the can is huge, lasts really long. (Yes, it also does the hairspray-job brilliantly, and the brand is Australian.)


Afternoon Snack

Oh. I made and had an amazing snack just now. Finn Crisp crispbread with smoked ham and left over guacamole (from yesternight's balcony bbq). My guacamole, naturally :) You really should try it out! :) The guacamole and the snack.


Picture: Me ©, click to enlarge!
A picture that I took today, on my way to work. Magnolia, one of my favourites.


"Between bird cherry and lilac"

That time [between bird cherry and lilac blossom] is the time said to be the most beautiful part of spring, in Sweden. Now, that is.
Note to self: Enjoy now properly! :)

Lovely day yesterday

Yesterday after work, J and I took a drive out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We also took the first swim of the year. It was cold but not too bad :) This is summer. Early summer. One of the most wonderful times of the year. Ha!
There will be SO much blueberries to pick this year (top pictures)! And flowers are from mum&dad's garden, cowslip + white and purple fritillaries.

I ♥ SUMMER (ok, tiny bit optimistic) ♥ being outside in the sun with bare arms! 21 degrees celsius as of now. Balcony bbq tonight! :)

In case someone is wondering, this is me blogging from work. (Kinda boring - no pictures, no photo editing software, and few interesting things to blog about.) Anyways. :)



This is what I've decided to try out next. Macarons. French (good start) meringue (getting better) confectionery (yay!). So have to try making them! :) And guess what?? I've already found recipes that I think will do! That does not happen too often! :)
So if they appear here on the blog in a week or two, you won't be surprised!


I found them, I found them!

Some of my friends may remember that I've been talking about wanting to find a pair of chinos, in a soft, peachy, powdery pink colour. Well, here they are! :) Do I want them? Naturally!
Available here.

Romantic drama

Yesterday, J and I watched this movie. It is based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, the same author that wrote The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and The Last Song. I love movie nights. More of that, please.
And yes, I purposely refrained from saying anything about the movie, neither story nor what I thought. :) I hate it when movies are ruined by reviews or even recommendations that say way too much.


The light was so beautiful today

Arrow: That's the building I live in :)
I had to shoot some pictures of my beautiful city, Norrköping. (As I think I happened to promise about 7 months ago...) Spring came and nature exploded! :) Love it! I'm really soaking up every last bit of sunshine I can get a hold of. I'm going to save it for harder days, I say. Experience tells me it doesn't work like that. Unfortunately. Ha!
So anyways, a stroll along the riverside is definitely a hit! :)


Today in pictures (+words, it seems...)

Essentially, a G R E A T day! Oh, and for 10 days my brother and his wife is visiting from Mexico! Haven't seen them since my own wedding, 2,5 years ago. Soo good to see them!
As you can tell by the picture, I finally decided on the small cup with a blue line for mum's cake stand. It was the right decision, mum would have made the same choice, she said. She loved it, btw. :) Today was such a lovely day! Super delish food that dad made, a super perfect present, warm+sunny weather! We took a long walk, picking spring flowers, cowslips. And then we sat outside in the sun until the very last beams.

I made a cake stand!

As I posted earlier, today is my amazing mother's birthday! This is what J and I made for her, a customized cake stand. My mum is a collector of vintage Swedish crockery. The cake stand is made of such. :) I still haven't decided what cup to use at the top, I guess I'll just leave that choice to mum. Which one would you choose? (Not that they're all that different, the one to the right has a blue line which connects to the rest of the piece. The left is of more similar in shape.)
I made this one in mum-colours but I will make one or two for myself, for sure. Turquoise, pink, blue, gold, silver, flowers, retro + awesome = what I set out for.

Today is my mum's birthday!

Do have a fabulous day! I have a great present prepared for you! You'll get it later today! This present, and DIY project, will, naturally, come up on the blog as well. Keep posted! :) xx

Pink Lemonade

Click to enlarge!
There you go! :) This really is an awesome beverage! I love it! Especially the colour :) Actually, I just juiced the lemons, stirred in the sugar (stir well) and then added water and beetroots. Worked just fine! Keeps well in fridge for a couple of weeks. Oh and peel the beetroots before slicing them...


For lazy summer days... (already preparing)

This would've been nice for summer :)

My 24th Birthday, Present #05 - s h o e s

One of J's birthday presents for me was a new pair of shoes. In particular, a pair of converse shoes. It's only...
In case you didn't know, I, sometimes, suffer from severe decision agony. Black or white? ...
Considering I have a category white and not a black I should probably go for the white pair. That's what I've been leaning towards lately, as well. The only real con is that they will, inevitably, get dirty. But. That's even kind-of-ok. Oh well.


Outside my window is rain+thunder

I ♥ sunshine. But I also ♥ thunder.


Anyone going to a ball or getting married this summer?

I would so do my hair like this if I were. So nice! Especially with the differently coloured big flowers. Wow.

Note to self: Send out invitations

So now I have two beautiful invitations to decorate my fridge :) The other is to a friend's wedding! Superfun!
My most recent note to self is: Send out pretty invitations to big and small occasions. Usually I go for sending out text messages (quick and for free) or create an event on facebook. But seriously, paper invitation vs. text message/facebook? Are they even on the same spectrum?

Sister's Graduation Party!

That's what the gorgeous invitation was for! :) Yay! Well done, sis!


Here's the first thing I saw when I got home from work today. A golden envelope. Must be some kind of invitation to something important... :)


I love -

- this.
Pictures from By Fryd, in collage by me.
New online magazine "By Fryd". It's in Norwegian, which means not everyone will understand, but do take a look at all the beautiful pictures! :)


A Birthday Present

These really are birthday times! My sis-in-law's birthday was this past Thurday, exactly one week after my birthday. This is the present that we gave her on the Friday on her party. Inside is a pink (no kidding) tea towel from Bruka Design and a zinc cake plate. I should have taken som photos but well... the day was stressful to the limit already. I'll see what I can do about pictures.
Picture: Me, click to enlarge slightly.
And for once, I actually enjoy wrapping presents. I bought nice gift wrapping pappers and strings that make it so much more fun!

My 24th Birthday, Present #04

Crisp white tulips and lovely Swarovski beads. The earrings I will use for the first time tomorrow :)


Birthday Flowers

A quick collage to show you the beautiful flowers that I got on my birthday :) They really went well with the other decorations and colours = American 50's/romantic/pink/white.
Click image to enlarge!

Blueberry + Raspberry Pie in Ramekins

A close-up on the pies I made yesterday. In case someone wanted to see what it looked like. :) Delicious and perfectly sized. A new favourite! :) (I'll need to get some more ramekins or equally sized actual pie dishes.)

IKEA goes French Romanticism

Pictures: IKEA
And I, I absolutely love it! Well done, IKEA. :)