Wooden Type Letters

Pictures are from ebay [link]
How gorgeous are these?? :) Makes me want to make myself something like this.


Cute stuff for all of you who though gerbera was a flower

How cute are these? "Beautiful ceramics designed in Provence/France and produced by hand in Portugal." Um, yes please! :)
Pitures from Gerbera in collage by me.


A classic

Such A classic! Perfect for picnics! Swedish backpack Fjällräven "Kånken". Although I know a lot of people kind of hate it, I kind of love it. I'd love to have one but I'm not so sure I'd wear it...


Mood Board #05 Burton Winter Wishes

Pictures from Burton in collage by me. Click to enlarge.


Mood Board #04 Winter + Snowboarding

Snowboarding gear pictures are from Burton in collage by me. (Burton has got such nice stuff, it's insane! Expect another mood board with snowboarding stuff I'd like...)
I'd love to just get outta here, drive for hours and then finally get to snow clad mountains... Oh.


Right out of NY

I'd really like to try something new and good for my hair. I've heard Redken is great. I wouldn't know, never tried it. Anyone who did? What was it like? Better than the regular products you can get at any grocery store? The problem is they're like 10 times the price of what I normally use. These are the ones I'd like to try out: Body Full / Blonde Glam / Expert
Picture: Collage by me, images from Bangerhead where you can also get these + more products.


Love the look #11 Hayden Panettiere

This reminds me of this. Oh, how I love this look. Wow. And how gorgeous is Hayden Panettiere? + Heroes is one of my favourite tv series.



New additions + constant returner

I've tried new products for my eyes lately - Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara (longest name ever!) & Khôl Express Waterproof Eyeliner. They're both good. I really like the mascara which builds the lashes and adds lots of volume. Another big + is the packaging, I absolutely love the bright yellow tube with shiny purple writing! :) When it comes to eyeliners, I've come to favour liquid ones lately. This one is good though, only it is a bit hard to wash off.
Pictures: Me
The L'Oréal Infallible Concealer is one product that I cannot live without. It seriously performs wonders each time I use it :) Highly recommended...

Baking Bread #2

After having made bread a few times now I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I find it fun and... rewarding (well... I do). Today I did it again! Delicious! :)
Pictures: Me


This is us

Picture is strictly copyrighted! © notesbycecilia.blogspot.com

It could look like this

This is what our bedroom feature wall could look like with wedding photos... The picture in itself looks kind of fake but that because it is. I love my PS CS4!
Picture: Me
Oh, and yes, the pictures are actually us :) I'll post one of them in bigger format later during the day.


The Bedroom - Picture bomb

Click images to see bigger ones...
This is our bedroom! :) Obviously, more decoration will come as we go... One cannot do everything at once, you know. Like pictures on the walls, curtains (roman shade style), new doors... :)

Bedroom before

This is our bedroom before we did anything to it (sorry about the crappy quality...) Click to enlarge.

Today it's snowing!

Wow... It's always magical when the first snow falls... :) Winter is kind of my favourite season of the year with snow & candles & Christmas & New Year's...
The snow didn't cover the ground or anything but it gave me hope of a white Christmas.

It has arrived!

Here's my timer IRL :) Lovely as ever. It can seriously time eggs, I tell you!


VIP Night

A few days ago I got an invite for a members only - special offers - christmas inspiration-night at design shop VERA Design here in Norrköping, Sweden :) It's on Thursday and to be honest I've got somewhere else I should be but I just rsvp'd and I think I'm going anyways. At least for a little bit. I'm just soo curious to see what they've got and to see the special offers... They've got favourite lables of mine such as Eva Solo, Bruka Design & Himla of Sweden.
Anyone feel like coming with me on this thing? Just let me know asap! :)
Oh, and by the way, I went to a VIP night at Cubus last week as well... I'll show what I got from there later... some time... so much to think about right now.


Our latest addition

The wardrobe. I. Love. It. I tried to take pictures but none of them would do it justice so here's a quick film clip instead.
It's seriously incredible the amount of stuff that fits into this small area. What we used to have in 3 small (although full-height) cupboards & 1 big one (double kind-of-thing) fits right in here and there's still lots more space at the top to the right (not shown in clip). Shelving system is design classic Elfa. It is too good to be true, adaptable to the very core! And, voilà, my own (tiny) walk-in closet! :)


Whew! That was quick!

Question: Where did October go??