more pictures

Here's a bunch of other photos from the other day when we watched the sunrise. Love the colours! :)
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New day, new possibilities

Went out at 3.30 this morning to watch the sunrise. Absolutely stunning! More pictures coming up! :) Thanks for a beautiful morning girls!


Lager 157

If you are in Sweden, look this way! :) I so like this! It's like a warehouse clearance sales place... and they focus on sustainable, honest, green business. At low, competitive prices. Well, it's all on their website, unfortunately in Swedish only, but if you can, do check it out! :)
Picture is screenshot from Lager 157.



Look how beautifully gorgeous! :) It's like the rule for setting this table was the more mix+mismatch the better! :) I think I need to go second hand shopping for a bit... :)

this is how we do it

Table for two on balcony + potato gratin + pork fillet skewers = one awesome bbq lunch! :)

the wedding gift

Guess who saved the present? (The shop assistant was clearly a fill-in during vacation times and the gift wrapping looked just like it...) I salvaged the beautiful paper and the string, re-wrapped it (in a correct manner), then added another string (pink lace-like one) and the white wooden heart on which I wrote the couple's intials and our names on the back. Turned out perfect, despite it all... :)

Good morning breakfast!

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I made freshly baked bread for breakfast this morning. Sooo good! :) A type of rye bread buns, with syrup and raisins. Yum!

I love weddings!

The day before yesterday, me and J went to a wedding together with my parents. It was such a beautiful day and an amazing wedding! :) My friend E got married to her R. Here's a whole bunch of pictures!
I absolutely love the first picture! It's E's father keeping watch for his daughter out the church doors. Then I love the picture of the little girl - cutest ever! :)


"A hole in nature"

As my father-in-law so wisely chose to call it :) Beautiful, however. Even if the picture is kind of [read: very] blurry.

The Islet

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Well, we've had a great couple of days in the archipelago! Good company and good... everything :) Pictures are: The cottage we stayed in, evening light, detail 1, the family Swan, old harbour at Oxelösund, J wakeboarding, house at gorgeous location just by a canal, detail 2.


Lol. I see now that the blog actually does not stand still at all. It just feels like a really long time since I was connected. That's funny :)

p a u s

While the blog stands still, I do not! :) We took off yesterday and headed out to an island in the archipelago. Specifically the archipelago outside of the Swedish village Oxelösund. Beautiful. The picture is yesterday's sunset :) Outside the window, J and his brothers and cousins are wakeboarding. We'll stay another night and then head back home tomorrow. See you then!



Yesterday I went strawberry picking with mum&dad. It was the best day, not too hot, not too cold, the strawberries we just perfect. And deliciously sweet. I got myself about 5 liters, they are now in the freezer. At least the 4 liters that were left when I was finally ready to put them in...


The best breakfast

Even if a bit late... :) Filmjölk (wikipedia about filmjölk) with strawberries and peaches.... yum.


I love it when bread turns out!

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Italian Bread

Here's the delicious ingredients I'm using for the bread I'm baking.
Italian tortano bread filled with sundried tomato, mozzarella cheese, dry-cured ham and basil. Yuuum! :)

Book Love

They've arrived! :) (actually last friday...) Tried one pie recipe from "A Piece of Cake" that same afternoon and now I'm baking a bread from "One More Slice". The pie, rhubarb+strawberry, was just heavenly. So good, the best pie ever! :) And I have good hopes for the bread. We shall know by tonight :)
The books are amazing!! :) Not only heaps of exciting recipes and handy tips, but the pictures are incredible. Love love love! :)

Ah, the freshness!

Just came home from some grocery shopping. One of the best parts of summer is all the fresh food available. Loving it! :)

Guide to Norrköping

This is my new label series. Not much to the world right now, but as we go along, which I am definitely planning on doing, more and more things will be added to the list. :) So if any of you sweeties, who are not from this city, are ever passing by, you'll know where to look for ideas on
places to eat
places to visit
things to do
and more. All of these, what shall I call them, sub-labels will be collected within the main label: GUIDE TO NORRKÖPING

So, uhm, yeah! Check it out! :)


Ol' man's garden

click image to enlarge :)
Today Mum&Dad took me and J out for lunch at "Gubbens Trädgård" (=see title...) A real cozy place, like an oasis in the city - a garden with heaps of flowers and bushes and a fountain and a small second hand shop in one corner... just really my cup of tea! It's actually a café, offering , ice cream, pastries, tea, coffee (=fika) and more, but they also serve a lighter lunch. Thank you mum and dad! :)


Strawberries with milk+cream

This was tonight's evening meal :) So yummy!

How cute are these??

They're actually more pink, a really gorgeous pink, but I didn't have any better shots so this will have to do. At least for now. Until I get my own ones... Love 'em! As you already know, I love the idea of 1-portion size dishes. I believe these are from Danish Ib Laursen. Same series as the pink pitcher here. I even think that's the pink colour these dishes really have.


After our delish fika, we when to a lake, new for this summer, and took a quick and well-needed swim. And then U jumped :)


Yesterday J and I went to my parents' house, visiting my little gorgeous sister who's got the house all to herself for a few days. She had made cinnamon buns the day before, an apple shortcake earlier that same day, and when we arrived we made rhubarb+strawberry crumble pies = the best fika ever! :)
Here's the final plate of fika of which very little was left after I was done :) There's rhubarb+strawberry crumble pie with vanilla custard, apple shortcake, cinnamon buns, pear cider and earl grey tea.


Yesterday, it came! :)

Under my umbrella...

That's some rhubarb :) Biggest does not equal best though... Could still not resist grabbing it when I was at my parents house to get some rhubarb. Haha! More serious posts coming up!


Morning of Midsummer's Eve 2010

As mentioned earlier, last weekend was the Midsummer-weekend in Sweden. Here's how we spent the morning of Midsummer's Eve with my side of the family :)
Preparation of brunch picnic indoors at mum+dad's, then filling baskets with goodies and heading down to the lake (1,5 minute walk). We had our brunch in the sun on the lake jetty. We had delish subs+wraps, tea, yoghurt... Such a great morning! :)
My sis snapped a bunch of great photos of dragonflies. I'll post some of them later!

First of July