My birthday in pictures (some of them)

Pictures: Me, click to enlarge.
And there's a nice morning picture for ya! :) (no laughs...) And the breakfast in bed that Joel made for me. A lovely day, all in all! More pictures are coming, I want to show you all of the gifts that I got! :)


45 more minutes

Today is my birthday. Yay! :) haha! I've had an amazing day with so many friends, loved ones, coming over to celebrate with me. I've got some pictures to show you, but right now I really need some sleep (work tomorrow) so that'll have to wait another day or two. And I got so many lovely presents! I will have to show you them as well, as we go along. Now, I'm going to spend the last 45 minutes of my birthday sleeping :) Thank you all + Good Night! xoxo


Monday Efficiency

And that was my Monday off. :)
Hey, I can't seem to keep away from here although I have heaps to do! It's just that I have heaps to blog about too! :)

Olive Bargain

I made such a bargain yesterday! A big olive tree for $20/140SEK. The normal price is probably the double! It look sooo nice in the sun on our balcony! I hope I can keep it alive for a while, summer's supposed to be easier than winter... The small note attached to it says they can live for 500 years. I love it!

Great! :)

A package that came for me today! Yay! The webshop that I ordered from this time really has great service! I placed the order on Saturday, knowing that they only ship on weekdays (Monday at the soonest) and that it normally takes 4-7 days for the order to arrive. I wanted to have it by Thursday. So, I took a chance and things really turned out great! I left a message with my order asking them to handle it as soon and quick as possible. And talk about quick! I got the package today, they sent it yesterday. That, my friends, is great service.
Yes yes, I will tell you what webshop I'm talking about, but not until the weekend. It's for my birthday party :)


Banana Bread + Party

Tonight, I made Banana Bread. My very first time yet I found it so easy and it turned out so good! :) And I don't even really like banana bread. It's an Aussie thing for me and so maybe, due to my recent nostalgia, I've started liking it. Or maybe I'm just really good at making them :) Ha! I will definitely post the recipe. Only, there's not much time for blogging this coming week. My birthday is on Thursday and I'm having a small-ish party-ish, that same evening. It's going to be fun but it does take some planning ahead. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, see you next weekend with new posts! :) (On the 1st of May, are you serious??)
Yes, the paper pan is from the same collection as these. Too cute! :)


These lovelies are growing outside my house. I like them :)



Such a lovely spring evening. 7.30pm. I love how the evenings get brighter and brighter. It's as if I can really see the difference from evening to evening. Picture taken from our living room, through our newly cleaned windows. It's like there is no glass, right? :)

Cupcake Inspiration 01

So. Cupcakes. Here's some of the inspiration I've gathered lately. Love it! :)
Pictures from weheartit.
I'm thinking somthing like this, pink and white. Only lovelier! :) Ha! My biggest problem though, is still finding the ultimate frosting. I don't want the cupcakes to be too sweet and sugary. I'm working on it. Look forward to the pictures! :)


30 minute frosting...

I spent the evening trying out a fluffy frosting for cupcakes. I've wanted to try making a 7-minute frosting for a while (ever since I saw how glossy and lovely iy looked), so that's what I did. I think it turned out really good. It wasn't difficult, per se, only a bit fussy. But then, this was my very first time so next time it will probably be mush easier. Here's a few pictures of it. Firstly, in the bowl (colours much better than in second picture... ) and secondly, piped out and decorated with either shredded coconut or sugar pearls (nonpareilles). I kept half of it white and made the other half softly pink.
(Sorry about the crappy pictures... not much light nor time... click to enlarge.)
Next up is a cream cheese frosting or a buttercream. Anyone got any good receipes?? Feel free to share them! :) And about the title... it didn't take me 7 minutes. More like 30-ish... Ha!


I wahahahahant...!

I am sooo bummed out!! I really want these cupcake liners but they are sold out everywhere! Bummer. They're really cute though. I feel a tiny bit better when looking at them. :) Ha!
Picture from Åhléns.


Nail problem

Capturing the actual colour of my current nail polish is virtually impossible. The picture below really is a sorry excuse... Try to picture it in neon... I think I need a new camera. Probably a digital system camera. Haha! Anyways, I added two fun pictures that aren't about the colour. Or anything else, for that matter. :)
Pictures: Me (with Photo Booth for Apple)

My new header.

The final one. At least final for a while... :)


S/S10 - The Inspiration 02 (Mood Board #08)

Pictures from we♥it.com in collage by me. Click to enlarge
I want leggings with bright colours and bold patterns for summer 2010! :) Especially with flowers.


Hot Chicken

Today, J made me dinner. Very hot and very delish! :) Chicken with a lot of red pepper powder and tabasco. Love it! Maybe I should ask him for the recipe?

Neon nails

This is my collection of Depend nail polishes. I like pink. No kidding. :) I also like black though. And a french manicure. Hm. Whatever. For tomorrow, I'll go for the one to the very left, neon pink, and match it with this outfit. That's going to be niiiice!! :) Pictures? Of course.

Finally Finished

The entrance ceiling, that is. The electrician was here earlier this week and now we can finally turn the lights on in the entrance when we get home. Here's a picture:
As you can see, we had one of the rows of downlights follow the line of the wall. It was a great decision because it really enhances what is unique about the room. And thank goodness we chose to add a dimmer to the installation. With 8 downlights on full beam it gets awfully light in such a small area. Anyways, we are really happy about this. :)
See more about our entrance here.

Outfit #11 City Summer + Now mine

While shopping for a birthday present for J's mum earlier today, I also stopped by one of my favourite shops and got myself a new top. :) It is so much summer! "Don't stop dreaming when you wake up." I can stand for that.
Pictures: Me © Click to enlarge
Wearing: Top - Gina Tricot / Scarf - Rut m fl / Tank+leggings - Cubus


and blue eyes :)

A picture I made the other night... It's me. But it's not really me. If you know what I mean. Ha!

Blue Skies

Otherwise, this is today's sky. Clear blue and absolutely cloudless.

Wood Anemone

I picked this year's first wood anemones yesterday! :) (Sounds like such a fancy flower in English... like it!) Right now they are decorating our kitchen table (and fridge at night, to make them last longer, haha!)
Pictures: Me
I found them while being on a picnic with J. We know the most lovely spot with water, a beach and sunshine all day. So we went there, and I, taking my previous note to self very seriously, suggested we bring a picnic as well. Unfortunately, the camera died before I even got one photo so there's no pictures of this fantastic afternoon. But no worries, this will happen again! :)


Fruit Salad

We had fruit salad today, after dinner. I had a lot. :) yum.


Amazing amazing amazing colours!


I totally am amazed (in case you missed the title...) at the gorgeousness of this table runner. It really is a funny thing to be amazed by... None the less. Table runner is now on my most wanted list. Not that I really have a piece of furniture to put it on... But that's a small problem, right? :)
Runner is from Danish Green Gate and picture from a Swedish webshop (here).


I heart weheartit

Screenshot from weheartit. Click to enlarge.
I searched for cupcakes and found the most gorgeous pictures. Inspiration for birthday parties to come... :) Check it out!

After Work Hot Cocoa

A while after I got home from work, J and I made ourselves a thermos of hot chocolate, took a walk down to the water side (right where we live, practically) and had a moment of peace and quiet. Lovely because of/despite the rain. :) Note to self: Do picnicky things more often!


Apology in advance :)

I'm sorry for skipping spring for a bit, but for a second I craved summer:
Now I'm back to spring mode again. After all, spring is gorgeous. :) But when summer comes, I, for one, am going to enjoy it to the fullest :)

My Favourite Bread Recipe

Picture: Me ©, click to enlarge


Now officially a classic

This is my favourite bread to make. It is sooo easy. And sooo good! :) Yesterday I did it again. The missing piece? Well... that's how good it is.
Isn't this the best looking dough ever?? (After having failed my last two bread baking endeavours, it sure is good looking to me...) Recipe coming up soon (finally...!!)


Love the look #14 The Cape

Pictures are from here.
I absolutely love a cape. I do. I would totally wear one if I found one as nice as these three.

How'd you like my new header?

Currently trying to renovate my blog design... This is my new header. For now at least. :) Felt like I needed something new and so I photoshopped for a bit. What do you think? Comments please!
Another result of photoshopping is:
Nice on its own but not header material if you ask me. Need more colour. But again: comments. :)


Outfit #10 Spring Sunset

Some pictures that J helped me shoot today... :)
Pictures: Me ©
Wearing: Tank - Cubus / Jeans Leggings - Vero Moda / Cardi - JC-Jeans&Clothes / Scarf - Cubus / Running shoes - Nike


Easter Saturday

As I said yesterday, we spent today at my parents-in-law's house. We had a great time with good food, and such sunshine - it really was today that spring came! We sat outside for hours, eating (super delicious) dessert, talking and playing scrabble - without jackets. Love it. :)

Abbreviation Scrabble

After playing a serious round of scrabble (which I nearly lost) yesterday, we decided to play another round just for fun. Everybody knows that in Scrabble, no abbreviations are allowed. So that's what we did, we played scrabble with abbreviations. Yet very non-seriously, of course. :) Ha!


H A P P Y E A S T E R !

This is how we spent part of the Good Friday of 2010. At my parents' house, eating heaps of delish food, playing scrabble... In total, just having a really good Friday :) Next up: J's parents' house tomorrow + evening/night with friends. Yay!


Pizza Night

Absolutely loved it! :) Note to self: Be with friends, stay up really late, eat pizza and watch movies more often :) (ha!) Thank you, Ekström Family!