This is me tonight.

On the couch, glued to the latest issue of (one of) my fav home+decorating magazines, Swedish Allt i Hemmet. Nothing quite beats it. A new magazine that is.
It is a christmas special. Needless to say, I loooong for Christmas by now. Ha! My head is full of inspiration and ideas and plans. Traditionally non-traditional. At least it makes sense in my head. More about that... when we get a little bit closer. Let's now enjoy A U T U M N, yes? :)

For autumn

I really like these! They make me wanna make cupcakes! Autumn cupcakes. :) Mmm...
Picture customized from Åhlens.
Same style as these only... different! :)



Something I threw together in PS... :) Maybe something for our empty white walls. What do you think? Love colours!



Hello again :) Pause over? Play pressed? Maybe, and maybe not. Anyways, I just really wanted to show you a recent project of ours. As well as save it for myself. A concrete top for our tv bench. I love the way it turned out so great! :)
More of this definitely coming up in the future! I've been browsing google image search for a while [read: hours] and now I'm bursting with new inspiration!