When can I move in?

This is... hard to defeat, to say the least.
I love all the gizmos and details in bright lovely colours against the white white white, and the contrast white floors/black floors, and the coffee table, and the purple door(!), and the chandeliers, and the... actually, I just love it all!


Lake trip #01

Joel and I took a lovely, well-needed trip to a lake nearby. The weather was so fine, we just couldn't stay inside or in the city even. We only had time to stay for about an hour but it was oh so worth it! Here's some pictures!

Pictures: Mine

There will probably be lots of trips around to lakes and some camping 'n stuff and so now there's a new category: trips'n camping.


Warehouse in style

Here's an insanely nice-looking house/apartment. It's very warehouse-ish and I probably wouldn't wanna live there, but inspiration-wise it's awesome! And, seriously, that view!? Love the colours too... And that black fridge, remember?

Pictures are from Marie Claire Maison.



I would love if, when having a fika, it would look this cute 'n nice!


Summer again, anyone?

Right now it feels like it will never be summer again... the temperatures more resemble autumn. I'm hoping for warmer days from now on, especially in four weeks time when my summer holidays begin! (SO looking forward to that!)


I'd really like to have one of these.

Check out Klara Eriksson's blog, there's loads of nice stuff there!


Go Sweden!

Today is the Swedish National Day!

Piece of cake!



Coffee Sack Notice Board

Note to self: Make one of these :)
Maybe with something that's magnetic inside? Probably.
Click here for full post on original website Maya*Made, and also while you're there, check out the rest of her amazing blog.


Like... wow.

This is perfection. Images like these should be allowed to speak for themselves.

Click here for full post and instructions (how do you instruct people on how to do this? Isn't it more about having the stuff or not having the stuff?) on Design*Sponge.


Today is a birthday!

Today it's raining.

Not that I dislike rain or anything I just wasn't quite done with the sun yet. I like rain. Actually, I love rain, especially if it's really pouring down. You try to get away running but after getting soaked in a minute, you realize there's no point in trying and just accept it. Rain running down your face and dripping from your hair. Mmm, love it!


Mood Board #02 Picnic

Today, I really feel like having a picnic! In the sun. I think I'll grab the stuff I'll need (including my other half) and be off in a minute! (Before going back to work in two hours...)