Do you want it?

I won this SATC-box a few days ago (yay, haha), but have come to the decision that I will be selling it. This offer is primarily for my Swedish/Scandinavian readers, since the DVD-code is probably incompatible with "more foreign" dvd players. (At least I should think so.)

SEX AND THE CITY - The Essential Collection: Silver 19 disc collection. Every episode of every season + bonus disc. Box is completely new, in original packaging.

Price: 400SEK ($50) + shipping: 50SEK ($7).

Contact me by commenting on this blog post! First come, first served! :)

In case none of you readers are interested, I'll put it out for auction on Ebay, just wanted to give you the chance first :)

Contact me asap, but no later than Monday June 14th!

The box was sold just hours after I posted about selling it! Great! :) Maybe I should do more stuff like this, haha!


  1. varför sälja något så fint? höhö

  2. svar: SATC är verkligen en av de få serierna som jag verkligen inte följer. Annars skulle jag inte tacka nej faktiskt :).