our awesome day

We arrived 11.30 am at J's and my favourite spot - all categories. :) At least my favourite spot. We had brekkie - vanilla yoghurt+muesli+fresh peaches/kiwi fruit/strawberry. Yuuum! :) Then we tanned, talked, had the most amazing bigarreaus/cherries, bathed/swimmed... just really had a great time. Then, time for bbq-lunch! Again: Yuuum! :) We had steak+sallad+feta cheese&water melon+carrot bread+baguette. So good! Sun aaaall day long! This is what enjoying summer to the fullest is all about! Flippin uh-mazing! :)
Then we left at like 8-8.30 pm. Could've stayed even longer as the sun was not about to set for at least another two or so hours. But hey, it's the Fifa WC...! All in all, one of the best days this summer - so far :) Thanks guys!

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  1. you're making it very hard to resist jumping on a plane and coming over... looks like you have an amazing couple months ahead xx