Dior FW 10/11

I just have to post about these dresses by John Galliano for Christian Dior. I find them quite brilliant, you see.
Images from Dior in collage by me. Click to enlarge.


Gingerbread cookie houses

How adorable are these?? :) I'll have to try making something similar some day... Note to self.

Thoughts of a dream

Definitely something I'd consider for our bedroom wall. With the fairy lights, obviously. But not black letters, probably.
Picture from weit.


Gingerbread cookie recipe

Serve with glögg or julmust. It's the best! Or hot chocolate. :)
Oh and click the recipe to enlarge.

My own gingerbread cookies

Made from scratch and absolutely delicious. And not even the slightest bit difficult. I should just post the recipe here. It's an old well-tried recipe that my mum has been using for like ever. Would any of you want it? :) Now I've got a large tin of them in the freezer. Ready for Christmas.


My Narnia

Went to my mom&dad's today. Amazing :) Premier walk on the frozen lake - love it! Other than that, just one great day!
Click to enlarge!


My list-making need...

Maybe you didn't know, but I am a list freak. I list everything. Anything. (Some of the things you don't even want to know. Ha!) Lists help make order in my head. My latest one is for sweets I want to try making. Christmas is just around the corner (I know it never feels like it, but trust me, it is) and what better time to start experimenting in the kitchen? Note to self is: Make the most gorgeous sweets for Christmas! :)


- starting early -

Love it! :) Just couldn't wait for December. Had to stop by the grocery shop and get some gingerbread cookies and julmust.



How lovely is this wool cape? :) Aww... I've posted about capes before and I'm even more into them now!

The best snack ever

has got to be fruit salad! Definitely! I should go make myself some right now. And then watch a movie. Yes, that's it.
Here's how to make one for yourself! :) Oh, and make sure you eat it with whipped cream. It's the best.

No longer on my to-see-list

Yesterday I saw the first film in the Underworld Trilogy. It's about vampires and werewolves. For a movie about "such creatures" it was probably an ok movie. But really it confirmed the fact that although I'm really into genres such as action, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure (all of which fit with the Underworld movies), I'm just really not into vampires. Or werewolves. The question is whether to watch the following two movies...
She looks really good though... Kate Beckinsale. :)

Finally home...

Now I'm enjoying a nice cup hot chocolate :) With chocolate and whipped cream... :) Yum!


Yay! New episode of Gossip Girl out! I'm gone. :)

And boy do I need it after a day like this...


New Fav!

Woah! That's a lot of new people visiting my blog! WELCOME! :)
This is what we had for supper...
It really really really is that good :) Especially with this bread. At least if you're the least into veggies and/or soup. And the best part? It is oh so very quick and easy! 30 minutes tops from scratch. Gotta love it!
Do you want the recipe?? Just let me know! :)


Swedish Cuisine #01

So I'm on this quest of learning how to cook proper-homemade-from scratch food within the Swedish cuisine. Stuff that my mother and grandmother would make. First out (at least here on the blog) is pannbiff/wallenbergare or Salisbury steak in English, which is not really the same thing but well, close enough. Publication of recipes can definitely be arranged for if there is any interest - give me a shout should that be the case!
Pannbiff/Wallenbergare with potato wedges, chanterelle sauce and steamed cauliflower+broccoli+carrot.
This is the kind of food one kan feel good about eating! And so yummy! The chanterelles me and mum picked during one of our walks earlier this autumn... :)


Tv-series+bread+nose issues

I've been by myself here at home almost the entire day. J came home for a quick meal at noon. I made him delish veggie soup (no really, a good one) and oven baked pancake (sorry no pictures, next time!). Yummy and easy as. Always a nice combo. I also made a large batch of my (current) fav bread. In between I squeezed in a few episodes of two of my favourite tv-series:
All this while also trying to cure my very persistent cold... wish me luck.


This is me tonight.

On the couch, glued to the latest issue of (one of) my fav home+decorating magazines, Swedish Allt i Hemmet. Nothing quite beats it. A new magazine that is.
It is a christmas special. Needless to say, I loooong for Christmas by now. Ha! My head is full of inspiration and ideas and plans. Traditionally non-traditional. At least it makes sense in my head. More about that... when we get a little bit closer. Let's now enjoy A U T U M N, yes? :)

For autumn

I really like these! They make me wanna make cupcakes! Autumn cupcakes. :) Mmm...
Picture customized from Åhlens.
Same style as these only... different! :)



Something I threw together in PS... :) Maybe something for our empty white walls. What do you think? Love colours!



Hello again :) Pause over? Play pressed? Maybe, and maybe not. Anyways, I just really wanted to show you a recent project of ours. As well as save it for myself. A concrete top for our tv bench. I love the way it turned out so great! :)
More of this definitely coming up in the future! I've been browsing google image search for a while [read: hours] and now I'm bursting with new inspiration!


60 days

or 1 440 hours or 86 400 seconds of...
But I'll be back. :) Bear with me. Life's not always easy.


more pictures

Here's a bunch of other photos from the other day when we watched the sunrise. Love the colours! :)
Click images to enlarge!


New day, new possibilities

Went out at 3.30 this morning to watch the sunrise. Absolutely stunning! More pictures coming up! :) Thanks for a beautiful morning girls!


Lager 157

If you are in Sweden, look this way! :) I so like this! It's like a warehouse clearance sales place... and they focus on sustainable, honest, green business. At low, competitive prices. Well, it's all on their website, unfortunately in Swedish only, but if you can, do check it out! :)
Picture is screenshot from Lager 157.



Look how beautifully gorgeous! :) It's like the rule for setting this table was the more mix+mismatch the better! :) I think I need to go second hand shopping for a bit... :)

this is how we do it

Table for two on balcony + potato gratin + pork fillet skewers = one awesome bbq lunch! :)

the wedding gift

Guess who saved the present? (The shop assistant was clearly a fill-in during vacation times and the gift wrapping looked just like it...) I salvaged the beautiful paper and the string, re-wrapped it (in a correct manner), then added another string (pink lace-like one) and the white wooden heart on which I wrote the couple's intials and our names on the back. Turned out perfect, despite it all... :)

Good morning breakfast!

Click image to enlarge!
I made freshly baked bread for breakfast this morning. Sooo good! :) A type of rye bread buns, with syrup and raisins. Yum!

I love weddings!

The day before yesterday, me and J went to a wedding together with my parents. It was such a beautiful day and an amazing wedding! :) My friend E got married to her R. Here's a whole bunch of pictures!
I absolutely love the first picture! It's E's father keeping watch for his daughter out the church doors. Then I love the picture of the little girl - cutest ever! :)


"A hole in nature"

As my father-in-law so wisely chose to call it :) Beautiful, however. Even if the picture is kind of [read: very] blurry.

The Islet

Click images to enlarge!
Well, we've had a great couple of days in the archipelago! Good company and good... everything :) Pictures are: The cottage we stayed in, evening light, detail 1, the family Swan, old harbour at Oxelösund, J wakeboarding, house at gorgeous location just by a canal, detail 2.


Lol. I see now that the blog actually does not stand still at all. It just feels like a really long time since I was connected. That's funny :)

p a u s

While the blog stands still, I do not! :) We took off yesterday and headed out to an island in the archipelago. Specifically the archipelago outside of the Swedish village Oxelösund. Beautiful. The picture is yesterday's sunset :) Outside the window, J and his brothers and cousins are wakeboarding. We'll stay another night and then head back home tomorrow. See you then!



Yesterday I went strawberry picking with mum&dad. It was the best day, not too hot, not too cold, the strawberries we just perfect. And deliciously sweet. I got myself about 5 liters, they are now in the freezer. At least the 4 liters that were left when I was finally ready to put them in...