Dior FW 10/11

I just have to post about these dresses by John Galliano for Christian Dior. I find them quite brilliant, you see.
Images from Dior in collage by me. Click to enlarge.


Gingerbread cookie houses

How adorable are these?? :) I'll have to try making something similar some day... Note to self.

Thoughts of a dream

Definitely something I'd consider for our bedroom wall. With the fairy lights, obviously. But not black letters, probably.
Picture from weit.


Gingerbread cookie recipe

Serve with glögg or julmust. It's the best! Or hot chocolate. :)
Oh and click the recipe to enlarge.

My own gingerbread cookies

Made from scratch and absolutely delicious. And not even the slightest bit difficult. I should just post the recipe here. It's an old well-tried recipe that my mum has been using for like ever. Would any of you want it? :) Now I've got a large tin of them in the freezer. Ready for Christmas.


My Narnia

Went to my mom&dad's today. Amazing :) Premier walk on the frozen lake - love it! Other than that, just one great day!
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My list-making need...

Maybe you didn't know, but I am a list freak. I list everything. Anything. (Some of the things you don't even want to know. Ha!) Lists help make order in my head. My latest one is for sweets I want to try making. Christmas is just around the corner (I know it never feels like it, but trust me, it is) and what better time to start experimenting in the kitchen? Note to self is: Make the most gorgeous sweets for Christmas! :)