.in my kitchen cabinet

Well, here's the cabinet in my kitchen that I open the most. I love the colour scale! From clear blue to deep + bright turquoise, to cream and white, to clear glass, and, naturally, pink. :) Click to enlarge!
Items are (from top to bottom, left to right):
Vintage tea cups by Finish Arabia | deep turquoise Collection Mugs by Höganäs.
White side plates, Dinera by IKEA + second hand bowls | Mugs M by Cult Design | cream + bright turquoise Club Mugs by Höganäs
White plates, Dinera by IKEA + pink bowl/pitcher by IB Laursen | White bowls, Dinera by IKEA | deep turquoise bowls by Höganäs | clear glasses + pitcher by Eva Solo.
Oh and by the way, I love Höganäs' new spring/summer shade Syren (Lilac)! Will have to get myself a bunch of lilac bowls + a few white ones. Sometime... :) Did you know that the tiles that cover the shells of the Sydney Opera House were made by Swedish Höganäs? :)
Love it all!

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