Love the look #13 Shelley Mulshine

Love. This. Look. Totally. In case you didn't know, denim = summer.
Picture from Shelley Mulshine.

True stories

Watched this movie the day before yesterday. We really liked it. Not available in Sweden (that I know of), but on Voddler. :) Yay for Voddler!


Perfectly imperfect

Picture: Me ©

City Adventure

Take a look at these lovely tulips! From yesterday's adventurous trip to Linköping with my dear friend Annelie. Haha! Honestly, I like that city so much more now. :) I'll show you later what got to come home with me... spring pearls... :)

Tomato+basil chicken w/ wedge potatoes, tomato & avocado

It's been such a long time since I cooked a proper meal at home! The reason for this is that I eat at work, which is convenient, yes, but boring. I miss cooking for husband and me. Anyways, usually (though not for a while now) the weekends are my cooking days. :) Yesterday (Mondays off, remember?) this is what we had for dinner:
Tomato+basil chicken w/ wedge potatoes, tomato & avocado


Spring Blossom by DNKY

DKNY Be Delicious Spring Blossom. I really want to try this one. :)


Cottage Cheese

Normally, I don't like cottage cheese. But recently, recipes with cottage cheese as a key ingredient have popped up in so many places. Needless to say, I have become very curious, and so cottage cheese blinis and cottage cheese waffles have now made their way onto my to-try list. Obviously, recipes and pictures will appear here on the blog. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day for the waffles, tomorrow being "Waffle Day" in Sweden. :)
Picture source: Here

Delish Evening Meal

Don't you just love the fab colours?? :) I know I do. And it was equally good to eat it.
Picture: Me
Turkish yogurt with fresh kiwi and orange. Yum!


For summer - yes please!

More tableware inspiration! :) Lovely bright colours and such gorgeous personality.
Source: Unknown



All nails on both hands completed! :) Note to self: Wear nail polish often! It's so much fun! :) Yay!
Picture: Me
Nail polish is #69 from Depend.
Edit: I see now (day after in daylight) that the colour reproduction totally sucks in the picture above... I'll see to that when I get home tonight. If there's enough light that is. The colour is a lot more amazing than this picture conveys.
Edit 2: Here's the best I could come up with... I dunno. No more pink nails for a while, promise! :)
Pictures: Me

Revlon Plum Seduction // Depend #69

Got this hot tip for a fabulous nail polish, Revlon #917, Plum Seduction. Haven't tried it but just looking at the left pictures makes me love it!
Pictures: To the very left: Karin Wåhlberg, Revlon bottle, me, me.
And, I found another pretty gorgeous shade which is probably as close as it gets, being another brand. Mine is Depend #69 (I know, the last nail polish I wore was also Depend #69... but grey? I don't know, it kind of beats me so don't ask...). Anyways, later tonight I'll probably do all of my nails and then they'll be up on the blog shortly. (Ya, I know, I only did the one for this post!).


More spring flowers

Source: Unknown
This is a reminder from about a year ago, last spring. It's still gorgeous though :) And definitely still in the back of my head. I'm constantly on the look out for suitable cups. Ha!

Spring flowers I like

Source: Unknown
These spring flower arrangements are be-a-utiful! I'm thinking about somethings similar. Just more pink! :) Lovely!

Haven't seen it? See it!

Picture from IMDb.
This afternoon, after a great Sunday dinner with family, we gathered in front of the tv to watch a movie. The decision fell on Tears of the Sun with Bruce Willis. It was just so good. And so terrible. It really makes you think. I liked it a lot. And a good Bruce Willis movie is always right. :)


It's grey!

On my shopping spree today I got three new nail polishes from Depend. I love how the bottles are small - it actually gives me a chance to use it up. :) The colour I chose to wear today is a grey, #69. I like it and it reminds me of this. I'll show the other colours as we go! :)

Note to self!

This morning I had, amongst other foods, red grapefruit. Soo good! :)
Note to self: Eat grapefruit more often!

My result

I figured sooner rather than later, and so here it is :)

Gift Wrapping Papers

Here are four gift wrapping papers that I bought from Swedish shop Lagerhaus today, in preparation for a combined birthday and graduation party. I'll post the result of my gift wrapping later tonight or tomorrow.


One-Dollar Find

This bowl came home with me from Salvation Army's thrift store today. I got off early from work and figured I'd stop by as I generally find something there to cheer me up (when getting off work early on a Friday doesn't quite cut it... rough day at work...) 5SEK/$1...! :)



Just bought a key ingredient to make a pizza dough. Fresh yeast. If the pizza turns out good you will definitely hear all about it. :) But most possibly tomorrow.

Pink+white+polka dots

Various pictures (batter bowls, large bowl, teapot, tea cup) in collage by me. Click to enlarge.
I want summer. Now. And I want stuff like this in my kitchen for summer.

One year goes like "snap".

Today, I have been blogging for one year! It has been so much fun.
Ups and downs, yes, but over all, great! :)
I've gone from being a newbie to finding my own style and pace. Love it!
Welcome to another year!


H&M Home Summer 2010

Pictures from H&M Home. Livingroom / Bedroom / Bathroom
I like this, H&M. :) I want my summer to be like this. Note to self: Have a great, lovely summer, and make the most of it.


Breakfast smoothie recipe

Picture+recipe: Me

Nice from Vagabond

These shoes would be perfect for summer! What color though? I think brown or black. Or both :)
Pictures from Vagabond in collage by me.

I Love Mondays

Ha! And it is not because it's a new week and a new day at work but because I have Mondays OFF! :) So, I made myself a smoothie for breakfast on this lovely day off :) Turkish yoghurt+blood orange+blueberry. Yum! :) I'll post the piece-of-cake recipe in a while.
Picture: Me

Bargain: Earrings

Here are the earrings I wore yesterday. They are also my latest sales bargain! $3/20SEK(!) :) They look heavy but they are really thin so the weight involved is not a problem.


+ how gorgeous are my daffodils?

Picture: Me
I also gave one away to my parents-in-law today as we went to their house for dinner. Smiles all around! :)

Outfit #09 Black+Purple+Silver

This is today's outfit... no "real" picture but this is pretty self-explanatory :)
Picture: Me
Wearing: Tank - Cubus / Leggings+tunic/top - JC - Jeans & Clothes / Bangles+pearls - Primark/vintage/Diva Australia / Earrings - Ur&Penn / Perfume - DKNY Be Delicious


Spring in my kitchen!

Pictures: Me
Today, when we were grocery shopping, I walked by a stand with these gorgeous miniature daffodils. Being only $1,50, naturally one had to come home with me. They make me smile :)


82nd Annual Academy Awards Favourites

And the winners are: Nude & Rosewood! :)
Demi Moore / Penelope Cruz / Miley Cyrus
Various pictures from IMDb in collage by me. Click to enlarge.
Out of all the dresses that I browsed through, these three are my favourites. Real winners! :)


Underestimation of the week

Freshly plucked eyebrows. I totally forgot how good it is! :) "A problem of the privileged", I know...


Interesting times 8

Don't these mascaras look just lovely? :) So bright and shiny - summer! I would love to try out the six of them that I haven't yet tried. I have used the yellow and the purple ones in the past. The yellow one is really good, but not great. And the purple one is just really good. My next one will be... the false lash effect from Max Factor. I think :) Or maybe...
Pictures are from respective brand website in collage by me. Click to enlarge.
Mascaras are (from left to right) :
Lumene Blueberry Volume Mascara / Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara / Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara / Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara / Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara / L'Oréal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara / YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils / Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara
I can't believe they still make tubes in boring black?? When there's so many gorgeous colours to choose from. Unbelievable. :)


It's black

I had no idea black nail polish could cause spring feelings. :) Well... maybe it's just nail polish in general that does that. Spring feelings none the less. I know it's anything but flawless - I applied it just a few minutes before putting on my jacket and heading out. But anyways, right? :) Oh, and no spring feelings outside whatsoever.


Love the look #12 Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester

This is gorgeous. Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl in the season 1 finale. Dress (Peonie Print Silk Lam Halter Neck Bubble Dress) by Australian based fashion designer Collette Dinnigan.


2 words, 12 letters...

Tonight, 9pm. Yay.
:) at least here where I am.


First of March + new addition

Here is the latest addition to my collection of "night light holders". :)