Did I ever mention I love strawberries?? Boy, do I! I wonder though, how, when I hulled 4 liters of them, there's only 3 liters left when I'm done? Well, now I just need to figure out what to do with them. Cordial, compote, pie, cake... so many options. Already made jam. Maybe we'll just have them as they are, with milk+cream. So yummy! :)
Ideas? What do you make with strawberries?


my rye+raisin bread

Here you go! Just choose language and start baking! :) Click the images to enlarge for easier reading!

Click to enlarge!


such a productive day yesterday

My last endeavour yesterday was to save some frozen strawberries from last summer. Strawberry jam. Let me put it this way: Had I known it was this simple to make my own jam... well, then I would never have bought a single jar, ever. So much better + without the weird additives. And I love the jars! The two in the first picture are new additions to my collection and from my local grocery store. The others are old jars that I bought with jam and that are now filled with something much better :) Beautiful recycling.



Yay! My bread turned out soo good!!! :) Yum! If anyone's interested, I'll post the recipe. Just let me know! Kind of a new favourite bread around here I think. :)
Looks like I'll be able to keep up baking my own bread... At least now that I don't have to work anymore. 8 weeks till my baby arrives!

while I wait

I'm reading this new magazine that arrived today, while I wait to put my experiment in the oven. My fav Swedish interior design magazine Allt i Hemmet, that is. And it's a summer special: Summer life :)

Bread experiment

Today I wanted to make a new kind of bread but really didn't feel like scanning cookbooks and/or the internet. So I just made my own recipe instead. We'll see if it turns out :)


Can't WAIT! :)

I ordered this book today and I just can't wait for it to arrive! Now I know what to spend this summer doing! :) It's a cookbook about edible goodies that are perfect as gifts. And I would expect amazing pictures and wrapping ideas, based on how absolutely gorgeous the writer's original blog is :) Linnéas Skafferi - the place to be. (Translates "Linnéa's Pantry")
Cut-out from image by Linnéas Skafferi ©


For all my list-making needs

A board painted with magnetic paint and chalkboard paint. And then maybe a nice frame around. White of course. Just perfect and precisely what I need! :) Oh, and: note to self!
Btw, I wouldn't mind the Kitchen Aid either... :)

when I have a garden...

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What would you have/do you have in yours that you love? :)



Last night was all about an exotic snack whilst watching a bunch of episodes of Hawaii Five-O. Every once in a while it's nice with an evening of doing just nothing of importance... :) And with a good tv-series it's not even hard...


as of yesterday

I've started baking my own bread again (yay). It's been a while due to lack of energy. I'm not sure I have all that much more energy now, but I'm sooo over store-bought that there's just nothing left to do. And I love it. Yesterday morning I got up early and made fresh bread for a (late) brekkie. This morning I made another batch. Crossing my fingers that I can keep it up! Last night we had strawberries with cream. That was just life-changing (as one of my friends would put it) so I had to throw in a picture :)


S U M M E R ♥

Now, it is definitely summer! Absolutely LOVE it! :) This weekend has been a "long weekend" here in Sweden due to two public holidays. From the feast of the ascension last Thursday until today, which is the Swedish National Day. I've made sure to enjoy these 5 gorgeous days off work. Friends, sun, swimming, bbq's, sleeping, movies, shopping... well all things good, except blogging... :) Bit sad to start work again tomorrow but only 5 weeks to go, after that I'm outta there! :) Note to self: Bring summer inside - pick a huge bunch of lupines+buttercups.