Oh, Christmas Tree!

We just(!) finished decorating our Christmas tree! I'm so happy! It turned out just as great as I wanted it to! Notice the tree stand, what do you think? I've seen it in a few places and we decided to have a go! We like it! (Only it took us forever to get the tree down into that thing...) Anyways, colours are strictly gold+red. And green of course... So, there you go! Now I'm off for a nice winter wonderland walk!
Picture: Me, click to enlarge


Outfit #07 Sequine Beanie

Here's one piece of clothing that I use very frequently nowadays - my beanie. As much as I LOVE the snow and the ice and the cold, I really hate being cold and freezing. Therefore, having a beanie is good. Having a comfy beanie is great and having a comfy, gorgeous beanie... well, that's just perfect! :)
Picture: Me, Wearing: Scarf - Rut m fl / Beanie - BikBok


Baking Bread #3

Yup, I have been baking bread again! :) Three different kinds this time. Too bad we didn't get started until 8.30 pm... If we had, we would probably have finished before 1.30 am... hehe. Here is the outcome.

Here's how much snow

My parents house. How lovely? L O V E L Y :)

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Christmas in my windows!

Today I visited my parents and had such a nice time! We celebrated little sister's excellent grades from school with a lovely cake and also mom and I planted flowers - all of them for Christmas. So now Christmas has come to my windows at home! It's lovely! Flowers are hyacinths and amaryllises - very Christmassy! Pots are second hand + red ones borrowed from mum.
Picture: Me (click to enlarge!)
I seriously can't believe the amount of snow that we've gotten in the last few days... I. Love. It. Have to show pictures... I'll see what I can do! :) Anyways, now I have faith for a WHITE Christmas!



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These are pieces of an advertising drive that a Swedish confectionery manufacturer has up and going. I think it's quite ingenious. Enjoy :)
"Every meal should include a veggie"
"Balanced diet"
"Are you eating a diet varied enough"
"Your diet should be varied"
Oh, and did you notice the writing is frosting?


My (dream) kitchen

Swedish kitchen manufacturer Marbodal has recently introduced their new virtual Idea Studio which is the home of a thousand kitchens. Along with this they host a competition for a kitchen valued up to 30 000 SEK / $4500. Here's my contribution:
Winning a new kitchen would be like... amaaazing! :) We're already planning to redo our entire kitchen so yeah. Amazing is the word. Wanna help?
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My first first Advent

About a week late, I know, and in time for the 2nd Advent Sunday - But... Anyways! Here's my traditional Advent candle holder decorated with moss and "other things to be found in the forest" (or: "stuff I've got no idea what to call and I don't wanna waste my tyda.se-searches" ...never mind). So last Sunday we got to light the first candle in Advent and for the first time in a place that is our own. That is memorable to me. Here it is, just recently prepared the night before.
And this is Sunday morning - first candle lit. Yay. The candle holder is from a second hand shop and cost me about $2.50 (15 kr). The best mother in the world (my Mum) prepared the moss for me to go creative with -
Thank you!


Bringing new life

Currently, we are, as mentioned earlier, working on our living room. A few days ago we started renovating our oak parquet floor. After sanding the floor several times to make sure the old varnish was gone, we decided to finish the floor with oil instead of varnish - it looks so much better plus it ages more beautifully. I've got before & after pictures right here. I really didn't even retouch the photos... and if anything, I made the before-picture look slightly better than it originally did :P The floor has now got a whole other depth and luster to it - it looks alive. I'm in love with it! How amazing? Amaazing!
Pictures: Me (click image to enlarge)
Another thing that makes me love this floor is the structure, how it's layed out. I haven't seen a floor like our's before and love having something that's original.


Christmas (Tree) Dream

I could totally have a Christmas tree just like this one right here. Totally.
Picture is from an old Christmas collection by Sia Home Fashion.



Oh and yes, of course I will be posting pictures as soon as I have them! :)


Some more S'more

Did you ever try a s'more? One of my fabulous friends who's american made me my first one and... yeah, "can I have some more?" :) This s'mores kit is just lovely! Plus they should be quite easy to make yourself.
Picture is from Twig & Thistle.

Anyone else having trouble keeping up?