Outfit #03 Summer

Wearing: Tank - Cubus / Scarf - Rut m fl / Leggings - Vero Moda / Necklace - some market



This is what [a part of] my breakfast looked like this morning! It's actually weird eating things that all have the same colour... but fun!

O.J., bread w/ cheese 'n jam & yellow cherry tomatos


The Last Excuse

So, for some time now, (really since even before summer started and a while before that) I've been asked frequently to join people for a run. Since I know I really ought to start running, my last excuse has been that I don't have any suitable shoes for running and so I constantly got myself out of the situation, wholeskinned. Well, last week I bought a new pair of running shoes and so now I am absolutely out of excuses. Tonight (at like 10.30 pm) me and Joel went for a run. 5,4 km in 35 minutes. I feel dead now but I made it through, running the whole distance. Yay! Now I just have to keep it up at a regular basis but that's the easy part, right? :P

5,4 km in 35 minutes... that's all the way around the inner city, along the Avenues :) Great place for running, beautiful surroundings at a good distance.


Gotta love butterflies

The first image is from here and it pictures a close up on a gorgeous butterfly mobile. The second picture is beautifully recycled plates that can be used as wall-hangings [by lightly] and the third picture is a bride's bouquet(!) from this amazing wedding.


Gamla Linköping

(Old part of the town Linköping, Sweden)

This page is fun! You can make images look really really old in an instant.


100 posts & Retro Beetle

I love the look of retro cars. They're just really charming.

Btw, this is my 100th post. Yay!



Note to self: Use more post-its... :)


That's how to.

Note to self: Explore the world!


I so love this idea!

Making my own calendar! It's oh so easy and looks really nice in the end. I definitely think I'll order one. As soon as I have figured out the ultimate combination, of course...

Go to www.personligalmanacka.paulanders.com and try one out for yourself!
Unfortunately, this website is swedish only but I'm sure there's more than one english equivalent out there!
Note to self: Make my own Personalized Calendar!



Summer is here (!) and with it there's too many strawberries to eat, too many lakes to swim in and too much sunshine to enjoy to be sitting inside by the computer. But of course, I will be posting things now and then so do check in from time to time! Not every day will bring sunshine.

Note to self: Enjoy summer to the fullest!


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Are going to see this movie tonight. Hoping for a real good one after the last two, Watchmen & Knowing. They just weren't all that good...


The Robot

This is our new cleaning robot/robot vacuum cleaner. It's an iRobot Roomba 530 and we will be giving it a name only we haven't found a suitable one quite yet. It is flat out fantabulous not having to vacuum the floors myself! It is so worth it! You should all get one! NOW! :)


Scale of colours

I like the idea of having a wall of bookshelves and the books arranged in a scale of colours!