Last of October

Today is the last day of October. I know October is still a bit early to be talking about Christmas but since November should be fine I'm just a tiny tiny bit early. This is how I would like my windows this Christmas... I absolutely adore it!
Picture from Bo Bedre via theswedishgirl.
Oh and be prepared for more Christmas inspiration to come!


A Birthday Present

Today I got myself a birthday present. No, it isn't my birthday today, actually I could probably not be farther away - it was 6 months ago to the day yesterday = 6 months till next time. Anyways when it was my birthday last time I got a gift voucher from my dear friends Elisabet&Johan and Aron. And today I made a present out of that voucher! :) This is what I got + 2 cups that I can show later if you want to see them!
Candle holders are Changetta's from Cult Design. Pictures: Me
The pink things are candle rings (or squares) that are changeable... I can think of at least five others that I wouldn't mind:
Mine are currently placed in my bedroom window and they fit wonderfully! I have wanted these for like ever so, you guys, I totally appreciate it! Love your gift ;) Oh, and
Ps. Our bedroom is now FINISHED and pictures will be up within the next few days. Obviously I'll need to spend some more time decorating but the base is finally done! Yay!


Baking Bread

Yesterday I had a go at baking my own bread. It turned out really well! Best bread I ever had! ;) It was quite easy only it took me about 2 hours to finish the thing. That's ok though. Got more than three bags of bread for the same price as one if bought at the local store. That's a bargain!
And here's how it turned out! Delicious! I'll be sure to that again, the ideal situation would be never having to buy bread again... :)


Today is Emma's birthday!

Day tripper 2 IKEA

The bench I wrote about earlier was not ready to come home with me. But a bunch of other things (as ever) were. Here's some of what I got from IKEA on yesterday's trip.
Pictures: Me
SLOM - Bottle with stopper / GALEJ - Tea light candle holders / LÄMPLIG - Pot trivet / TRYGG - Serving bowl

Have yourself a Glamorous Christmas

"Romance, glamour and rock in a feminin way..." Just the way I like it!


For my bathroom

Today I'm going to IKEA with sister & mum... There's always a few things that I want to bring home with me in general... but I was thinking about this one, in particular. I'll just have to ask it.

Now Mine: Yellow Timer!

I just ordered this timer from Cosas. It just had to be the yellow one. It is gorgeous and I love it! :) Hoping it will arrive soon so that I can shoot some pictures for myself. And time my eggs properly, obvioulsy!


& to go with that guagamole!

... the Nachos! And here's That Guacamole.

That Guacamole :)

Here's how I like to use it! Hope you like it too! And if you don't fancy garlic then it's totally fine to just skip it!


For my tea light candles:

These are my new candle holders. I bought them the other day for 2kr/30 cents a piece at the Salvation Army shop. The observant person will notice that they are old cake molds... And they're perfect for my special tea light candles.


So, about that previous post...

I'm back! And since there are too many amazing things and pictures on tinekhome.dk I decided to show my absolute favourite only. But really, you should stop by that amazingly inspiring place. My favourite is that hammered silver "bucket". It is just seriously so so so so nice! Wow... I already decorated rooms around it. It's flat out gorgeous! Inspiration people, inspiration! Personally, I would place it in my living room next to the sofa, put glossy magazines, slippers & blankets in it. Plus, I would totally enjoy it every single day for the rest of my life. Honestly.
Picture from tinekhome.dk
They make them in 10 different sizes... I'd like a real big one. Visit online store for more info.


Tine K has got the wow factor

Well... I don't have much time but I really wanted to post these pictures before running off. Will stop by a little bit later and update this post with well chosen words+liks. :)

Pictures from tinekhome.dk


I. Want. This. Lamp. For. My. Kitchen. [full stop]

Remember? I found this one that is very much within my reach. Oh, dear.

30 cm / 40 cm
From webshop CanCan Interiour. More pictures are on the way... from Swedish magazine "Allt i Hemmet". I absolutely LOVE it! And although it could probably be really really big and still be beautiful and a total stunner, I think I'd choose the 30 cm piece.
Once again: Oh. Dear.


Very nice from Vila!

Yup, I'd like one of these. Either, or both. I really wouldn't mind. :) Both from nelly.com / direct link.


Yummy Crumble

I decided to make a pie for this evening... I don't normally like blackberry pie but this one turned out really good! I think maybe I'll change my mind... :)


More pictures are on the way!

It hits me now that I should probably post some more nice pictures of Norrköping some day... like, more than of beautiful autumn leaves. The thing is I'll need to shoot those photos first so... I'll get back to you about that! :)
Note to self: Take loads of nice artistic pictures of beautiful places in my home town! (Lol)

My beautiful home town

This is what Norrköping looked like this past Sunday... Me & husband love autumn! This first picture is the very street where we live and that big building is the city hall. Gorgeous, hey?


Today's lunch - Nachos with three sauses

Sooo goood! :) Yum! And the best part? It is TOO easy to make! I will post the recipe during the next few days. This guacamole is seriously to die for, my own special recipe. But no worries, I'll post that one too.

Outfit #06 Boots

These are my favourite pair of boots ever. (I love my boots.) They go perfectly with my new second hand purse (new, as in price-tag still attached) which I got from my auntie. (I'll make sure to show it to you later. The purse.)
Wearing: Shoes - Vagabond / Jeans (leggings) - Vila / Tank top - Cubus / Cardi - JC


About walls and storage

In a future house of mine, I want to have a closet wall like this one. Built-in, that's the way I like it.
Picture from Danish Bo Bedre.


Coffee Stencils

Pictures from Coffeestencil in collage by me.
Such a fun idea and no, I would not use them for coffee but for hot chocolate. Only. I kinda wish that I could learn to appreciate coffee because I really like the idea. But then I try and... I just don't like the taste. At all. So I think they should make a stencil that says Hot Chocolate. And then, I think... is it really all that hard to make one myself? It says on the webshop that all stencils are handmade. I'll have to think about this one and hopefully I'll get back (soonish) with my own creation. However, do check out all of the fun stencils @ www.coffeestencil.com.


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Recipe for great night

But it seems like I'll have to wait till next summer for this, so note to self!


YAY! I am Back in Business!

And so I am now officially reconnected to the rest of the world! Yay! It feels soo good! Obviously, there are few (read: none) cables connected to my computer. Wireless - that's how I roll. ...now I can enjoy my MacBook properly...


Mayday-mayday-mayday, the internet is DOWN!

"Mayday is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. It is used to signal a life-threatening emergency by many groups, such as police forces, pilots, firefighters, and transportation organisations."

Haha... it's actually not all that bad, just almost. The internet in our apartment is down (read: our neighbour put a password on their wireless network). Yeah, not fun. However, we ordered our own broadband subscription and it should arrive within a week. Cross my fingers that it goes quickly! This equals fewer online visits and fewer blog posts. For a while. I'll be sure to stock up and then post em all when access is established!



Soon we will be writing novels...
This is a safety check for posting links and the likes on Facebook. Seriously?


Marley & Me

A while ago Joel and I had a cozy evening with movie, pizza (the BEST pizza EVER) and snacks. We watched this movie Marley & Me. I absolutely loved it to bits! I totally bawled my eyes out! I love that about a movie. And, I am a total sucker for dogs...


The recipe

Cheese 'n Ham Gratin

Made this delicious meal for today... It was the first time I made it and I think it was really simple.

I'll make sure to post the recipe later this evening... Now: Grey's Anatomy! :)


Bedroom & hallway update

Some more time, please?

I don't know where the hours & days & weeks disappear to, but I do know that there are loads of things that I would love to do but don't find the time to get done. Like a manicure.


500 Days of Summer

Just watched this movie that I blogged about when I first started this blog. And, yes, "it was gooood!" :) Awesome! Absolutely genius! Ha!