Love the look #08 Airport style

Airport 09. This is my inspiration for travel wear for tomorrow. Casual, comfy, scarfs, large bags, hair up. Sunglasses. Yup. I'll make sure to get an outfit picture for later :) What do you think?

Now I am all packed and ready, all I need is the few(!) hours sleep that is left and a shower in the morning! See you later!


Bye bye Sweden, hello London!

I've been waiting for this for a long time now! I am so pumped! It is going to be great! Leaving 9.40am on the 29th of April (which is also my birthday, but hey, who cares?) and in London at about noontime. Thank God for Ryanair!

Feel free to expect a lot nicer pictures when I get back!


The chase for the perfect bikini has now officially begun

Swedish Åhléns have done real good advertisement this spring. I want the bikini pictured on the first of the following images... Love the stripes! Oh, and the colours.


Love the look #07 Vanessa Hudgens

How gorgeous is this?? Absolutely love it! The top, the bag and more than anything the bracelets/bangles! And hair to die for... (I won't mention the lighting of the picture and whatnot...)


I need...

I would really love a nice dinner in a nice garden somewhere warm... and candle lights. With my special one, of course.


If we were chairs...

Great shot by Norwegian Rune Guneriussen. So expressive even though they're only chairs. And there's a lot more where that came from! I'll probably post more some day. For now, over and out!


<3 on wall

This is an idea that I will copy as soon as I have pictures (and a wall...).
I love how it is all symmetrical, the pictures on the wall, the bedside lamps, the books... Maybe because I haven't really had it like that, yet. But it is coming! Maybe I would frame it nicely? A frame like this brown one right here, around the picture. It could look like this:
Note to self: Take loads of nice, artistic, beautiful, romantic photos... yay!


Tell me, where can I find this?

Not that this is even applicable in Sweden but in like Australia where everybody buys bottled water because the water from the tap is undrinkable... this should absolutely be an option.


Recycled Cake Stands

I see now that I am almost doing a Do It Yourself series, based on my favourites from Design*Sponge. I can not stay off of that website for one day, I just love it! Here, however, is a new diy design, once again for putting cakes on. This is simply old candle holders and nice platters.

Click here for full post and instructions on Design*Sponge.


Twig Platter

I absolutely love this diy cake platter! Such a cool idea and I would love to have something similar in my own kitchen! All I need to find is the time to actually do it myself. Note to self: Find more time to do it yourself!

Click here for full post and instructions on Desing*Sponge.



Note to self: Use more colours!

I've been told black is the new pastel colour. Black in all honour but spring = pastels and COLOUR! Mix them for all I care but don't leave out all beautiful colours. Be inspired.




Bird mobile

This is one of a great many fun and inspiring ideas and diy projects available on Design*Sponge. It is a bird mobile. Not necessarily a baby mobile but none the less perfect as one. I will make sure I have one ready for a child in the future.

Click here to see the full post and instructions on original website spool.com.


about time

From "Story People" by Brian Andreas


A whole nutha level!

The people on Tea Forté knows how to take tea drinking to "a whole nutha level"! I could make plans weeks ahead just to make sure I had sufficient time to enjoy it properly. The design, the details, the material (silk tea bags(!))... Like I said, a whole nutha level!


Lovely ranunculus

If I were to choose one favourite spring flower it would be the ranunculus. It is just plain lovely!


Love the look #05 Rihanna

This is a gorgeous look! I love the scarf and the shoes and the leather jacket and the... well, the whole thing, really. And it doesn't bother me that the jeans are torn. That was kind of a surprise to me. However, this is still a rather moderate tear. Cool!


Topshop s/s oh nine

Kate Moss' photoshoot for the Topshop summer oh nine release. I'm a huge fan. My favourite is the fourth picture, the "Safari Playsuit". £50 though. I mean, honestly, the clothes are great but the photos just make them so much better, I love the pictures.



There is such a stylish feel about a MacBook Pro. There's no denying. It just takes a while getting your head around it, that's all. Once you get to know it, there can be no separation :)