Red spelled F-E-R-R-A-R-I

Yes. I have driven a Ferrari. A red one. The red one. :) Cool, huh?


Fake leather leggings + pumps

Wearing: Shoes - Din Sko / Leggings - JC - Jeans & Clothes

Today I went shopping. I was going to look for a dress for the party I'm going to on Sunday. However, I came home with a few other things of which I'm most happy about my new pair of leggings, these leggings. The shoes are new also, but I am afraid that they'll kill my feet... My firm opinion is that feet were not made for pumps and pumps were definitely not made for walking. It is seriously too bad that they look so good...!


Outfit #05

Wearing: Tank top - Cubus / Jeans leggings - Vero Moda / Cardi - Poco Loco (my husband's) / Scarf - Forever New [Aus] / Shoes - Sandler [Aus] / Bangles - Second hand+Diva [Aus]


Mood Board #03 Rain

Heard on the weather forecast that it's going to rain in a few days. And that it is going to get colder. I. Really. Don't. Mind. Actually I'm rather looking forward to it! :) Spending time inside with a nice magazine, some good music and a cuppa... Can it get better than that?


Swedish Championship in Musical Fireworks

At the annual summer festival here in Norrköping there is also a contest in musical fireworks. Really good! The winners were... awesome! :) I love fireworks. Here's some of the pictures I took...
Images: me


Gotta love variety!

Candle holders are by Iittala, "Kivi".

I can't really decide which colour/colours I like/want the most... Which one/ones would you choose?


Much longed for

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! [said in Donald Duck voice] Finally it is here! The new IKEA catalogue! I love when it comes in the mail. It makes me long for rain all day and a hot chocolate (preferably from Gloria Jean's but since being in Sweden I just make my own with O'boy chocolate mix!) - the perfect excuse for spending hours going through the whole thing! :) Here are some things that I liked...

A box on wheels to have beneath the bed! Who wouldn't want to have one of those?

A cabinet in which to keep shoes... and it is even looking nice! HEMNES.

I really like this hallway combination. Especially the metal thing onto which you can attach notes and messages.

A collage of pictures in nice frames that covers an entire wall - a must have!

A nice system of shelves, HYLLIS.

I really like this bench... I'd love to have one in my own bathroom, MOLGER.


Kärt barn har många namn!

I wish there was an equivalent in English to this Swedish phrase. Only, there is none so Swedish will have to do. Anyways, there are many different names for this look on candle holders; silver leaf, mercury, antique silver... No matter the name... I love them! Will have to get myself a few different ones, because even if they look different they still go really well together.


Love the look #10 JC f/w 09/10

This is from the Fall Fashion Look Book for the Swedish store JC - Jeans and Clothes. This combination, I really like. The long loose cardigan, the oversized tee with graphic print and, more than anything (read: I REALLY NEED TO GET A PAIR OF THOSE) the fake leather leggings. Love it for autumn!


Nails #01 - French Manicure

As this seems to be bit of an outfit day for me I'll just throw this picture in as well! I love doing my nails. Only, I don't seem to have enough patience to do it all the time. Anyways, last time I made them, this is what it looked like.

Make up #01 - Autumn colours

And here's the make up I wore today. I will love wearing it when the leaves turn into golden yellows and sparkling reds... :)

Outfit #04 The Shirt Dress

Wearing: Shirt dress - Vila / Tank - Cubus / Leggings - Cubus
Here, I'm wearing the shirt dress unbuttoned but button it up and it really becomes a dress and you can lose the tank. Needless to say, I love it!


Fall has come!

Although I'm a bit sad summer's over, it is oh so nice knowing that autumn is just around the corner. Fashion-wise fall is so much more interesting than summer. And it's nice being able to choose to stay indoors for a change... Here are some things I like from Bikbok.


Pendants lamps

Pendants are from Anthropologie.
I just don't know where I'd put any of them... is it weird to have a glass lamp for a kitchen table? I think I might like it. On the other hand, a kitchen lamp should [maybe] direct the light downwards, towards the table. I have the feeling that a transparent glass pendant would not do the job. What do you think? :) And the metal ones are a tiny bit too outdoorish (even for me).



Blog Wall

= a wall with lovely bright pictures and samples of different fabriks/textures, colours, post-its, whatnot. I just don't know what I could use to attach it to the wall... it's not like I wanna use pins or the likes that would ruin the wall (which would, by that time, be just recently refurbished). And using a noticeboard would kinda ruin the idea. Life's too complicated... :)

A well organized alternative, although, I prefer the whimsical ones...


Lamp Extraordinaire

Don't I just love this? Yes, I do! :) It's just flippin awesome (as one would say in Oz). What a beautiful way to recycle or reuse tea cups! Beautiful Recycling...

I want to have one for my kitchen table... Check it out here!



To you, Love of my life!

Note to self: I have the best, most amazing husband in the WORLD!



The Indian part of me

A part of me is really into the Indian stuff... I love it. I will probably never decorate with it, except maybe with a few details that I inherited after my grandma, but it is lovely none the less.
All items are from Swedish shop Indiska.
Oh, except for the lantern... it's from... uh, somewhere else.

My dad was born in India and so even though I've never even been anywhere close to having been there, I still feel like it's a part of me. :) Sorta.