Last weekends festivities

Last weekend was all about party! :) On the Sunday, Sister's 22nd birthday + Mother's Day, and on the Saturday, my dear friend Elisabet's birthday party. Here's some of the pictures! First my little sister's birthday/Mother's Day. The whole family got together and gave her a laptop of her own. She was so so so pleased! :) I also wanted to give her something from just me and J, so we got her a bangle bracelet. We also had real good food, ovenbaked salmon, potatoes, creme fraiche sauce, peas and salad.
The Saturday offered, as mentioned, the celebration of a new 30-year old. Cake buffet with so many amazing cakes. Colour theme: Pink+turquoise. Such a great idea to cover the conuters with nice colourful gift wrapping paper! Note to self on that! :)
Thanks you all! I really enjoyed celebrating you, sister, mum and Elisabet!

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