final touches

on our new kitchen! Today, finishing the counter top with hardwax oil. It's a massive oak (not properly portrayed in colour...) counter top and we hope that this'll do the trick. Earlier, it was so sensitive to anything and everything that wasn't wiped off immediately. And that's not good enough for a kitchen, hey.
More pictures of finished kitchen (+before-pictures, obviously!) coming up!! :)


my 25th

A few weeks ago I turned 25 and yesterday a bunch of lovelies took me out to celebrate... half'n half surprise, one might say :)
I got amazing gifts, bowls (matching what I've already got) + tablecloth from fav Bruka Design. Thank you girls so much! :) I feel spoiled and valued :) Gotta love a girl's night out... xoxo
Oh and "guide to Norrköping"... this is one of the best restaurants in the city.



So I'm back to blogging again. Probably not as much as before, but I think I've given this enough thought and yes, I do want to blog. At some level at least. So here I am. Will try and do my very best. There's a lot going on in my life. Most of all this:
:) Due on August 16th.
But no worries. It's not all going to be baby-related from now on, just a little bit more.

Rhubarb+vanilla parfait

And here it is! The second time I've made this parfait ice cream, and it's just the best recipe. I'll make sure to post it for you. It's a recipe I made out of two other ones, so I kinda guess one would say it's mine :) Oh, and don't you just looove the pink colour?? I dooo!


that time of year...

which holds such an amazing abundance of flowers and sun and wonderfulness. Mum and I picked lilies of the valley yesterday, at the best spot ever. The lovely scent now fills our apartment. Especially the kitchen. Oh. The kitchen which calls for some serious blogging :) All renovated and new. And perfect. Hang in there...!

Who needs sea view

when you can have flower view?? This is the view out from my parents' living room window. Gorgeous pink-white apple blossom in full bloom. Just amazing.