lupine love

I was brought up to believe these flowers are weeds... not to bring into the garden because they spread so easily. Nowadays, I know better. :) They are gorgeous! :) These + more that I got the other day, will be just perfect on our balcony! They are so full of colour and shape!
And I did get on with those dishes and carrot bread! I love an effecient day! ;) (and a lazy one, too. Like today.)


  1. I was going to do a lupine post! You beat me to it, but I don't even have any good pictures, even though I pass a ton when I go running.
    I agree with you. They are gorgeous.

  2. You're such an inspiration! My first ever batch of semifreddo (rhubarb and vanilla) is in the freezer right now! Oh, and happy royal wedding day - yes, I love royal happenings (: I'm watching it online.

  3. Re:
    Jennifer: Totally gorgeous! More of em coming up! :)

    Ciwi: Aw! You are such a sweetie! :) I really hope it turns out! I should give you the parfait recipe though - even better! :) Oh and the wedding...! *sigh* Amazing! So loving it all! "The greatest of all is love" thats what our new prince said to his princess... :) Hope everythings well with you and James!