Love the look #04 Poppy Delevingne

I absolutely love the sequined Chanel jacket and the, hopefully, fake leather leggings! Relaxed but still dressed. And the peep toes just make it a perfect look.


Love the look #03 Susan Cernek

Love this look on Susan Cernek. It feels like vacation in Greece or Italy or Spain... walking about beautiful towns into narrow streets. Mm... and the beach is only 10 minutes away.


The Trench Coat

For a while now I've felt like buying a trench coat. It's kinda WWII but still. And it has stuck around ever since then. One of woman's best style ideas is stealing fashion from the opposite sex. The trench coat is a perfect example. And voilá - it is classy and fashionable and lovable. I got the fashionable part proven by Burberry Prorsum's Spring 09 collection. Other than the trench they've got a bunch of other lovely things. But I'll post about that someother day. However, here's some lovely trench coats. My favourite, of course, is Audrey Hepburn.


Twenty8Twelve s/s 09 Collection

These are a few, and the nicest ones, of Sienna & Savannah Miller's Twenty8Twelve spring/summer collection. I'd wear any of em any day. If, of course, it was summer and they were not about €200/AU$390/£190/2200SEK. Each.


17 Again

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie! I sure hope it'll come to Sweden otherwise you know what I'll have to do... Anyways, I love movies that are a bit unreal, like this one! I love how imaginary worlds can come to be... Movies are the best!


Love the look #02 Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker

Umm, perfection? Close enough, I think. At first I though "come on... that bag?" But then now, when I look at it again, having thought about the look for a while, I realize that that bag pretty much completes the whole thing. Yup. The dress is in itself adorable and I'd wear it anyday.


Miss Dior Chérie - Je t'aime

I just came across this commercial... I've seen it before and I love it! I like the fragrance but I don't think I'd wear it myself. Anyways, the commercial is delicious! Enjoy!


Purple fil and tulips

Today after work I went to do some grocery shopping. I found a new flavour of the Swedish specialty "fil" or "filmjölk". All you people not from Sweden will have no clue of what I'm talking about and I won't try to explain, because this... it has to be experienced. However, the new flavour is blackcurrant and it is purple and glorious!
As purple seems to be a bit of a theme for today I might just throw in a few pictures of some tulips. They're purple also, and just about dead. But as someone said "tulips are the most beautiful when they are just about to die".


Love the look #01 Vanessa Hudgens

Absolutely gorgeous! And that butterfly in her hair - Give. Me. Now.


after rain comes sunshine

I absolutely love how spring is in the air on such a day as this! It is fresh and crisp and full of new... new anything. And the sun is shining. I almost forgot what that's like... However, this is a perfect day for me to start my new blog! The very first thing I will do is long for summer and this movie coming out.

500 Days of Summer

"You should know up front, this is not a love story."