ice cream / parfait

Whoa! I'm back (again). Work+nice sunny weather=not so much time for blogging. I've got some things to blog about though! Just got back from a swim with J at one of our favourite spots, this one.
Yesterday (on my day off) I made 4 kinds of parfait. It's really just a double batch but 4 different flavourings. Above is: Strawberry, raspberry (to the top) and blueberry. The fourth kind was simply a mix of the three (not in the picture). Of these three that I have tried, I liked all, I loved the strawberry one. The mixed berry parfait has still to be tested. It's really not so hard and now that I've got the hang of it, I'll be sure to make more. But first - eat the ones that are in the freezer. Carolina, you are most welcome on friday if you can make it! ;)
Oh, and don't you just love my vintage tea cups?? :) I got them from my auntie Barbro and I really really love them! I've got a peak into one of my most frequestly used kitchen cabinets prepared. It kind of represents my style in a good way. :)

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