Competition @ Lily's

I've entered this cool competition/drawing at Lily's Blog; www.lindablom.se! Why don't you do the same? (If you're in Sweden...) Just click here and you'll be right there!
Here's some of the colours available, all lovely! But hey, there's heaps more colours to choose from! :) I think I'd like the black one...



Photograph: Me
There is such a sense of autumn over rose hips... I think they're beautiful!


DIG OR DIS #01 - Tea light candle in clear plastic cup

This is SUCH a great idea! I absolutely love how when the whole piece of stearine melts it appears as though there is nothing but a flame in the candle holder. Like in the second & third pictures. Obviously it's more for clear or kind-of-clear candle holders but anyways! :)

Pictures: Me

They, the kind of candle that is, were hard to find, that's for sure, but I just bought a bunch from Swedish shop & web shop Inredningsboden. So there you go! Now you won't have to look so hard! :) (Unless your one of my international friends... which I know many of you are... sorry. At least you'll know what to look for, right?) Inredningsboden, btw, have real good service and I can really recommend shopping there!
Second picture is from a wedding this past spring and the third picture is how I used the candles in the decorations for my father-in-law's 50th birthday party.



Broccoli Soup

This is what Joel and I had for lunch today; Broccoli Soup with crispy garlic bread sticks. Yuumm! Want the recipe? Okay! :)

This will serve 4 people and it only takes about 30 minutes to finish this delicious meal. Good luck!


In my bedroom...

I will have a mirror, leaning against the wall... A great big one. Like these. (And black floor and white walls... and a purple wall. Pictures will be up sooooon!)

Absolutely lovely!


About timers

Here's one thing that I will soon have in my kitchen. It's a kitchen timer with a magnet so that it attaches to magnetic areas of the kitchen; fridge, fan... Since I haven't yet decided on what colour to order I haven't ordered one quite yet. My choice is primarily between the two in the second picture. Or perhaps the blue one in the top left corner of this first picture.
What colour would you choose??
Timers are by Dulton and pictures from cosas.se where you can order this gorgeous timer amongst heaps of other nice things [= cosas in Spanish]!



I'd really like to have this serviette holder (or whatever) standing on my kitchen table! It's so 50's-ish and lovely. As our kitchen turns all white there will be an acute need for brightly coloured, different and fun details. (YAY!)


Long time no see...

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted anything! I see that all of you sweethearts are still stopping by whilst on your daily blog tour! Too cute! :) Well, let me share this adorable top from Cheap Monday (not a favourite brand of mine, I'll admit, but hey, they do deserve credit for this one!).

Picture from Nelly.com

My being away has its reasons btw. My husband's birthday is tomorrow and on Saturday we're throwing a party for him. Until then we've said that our bedroom shall be finished. This means wallpaper, paint, floors FULL ON! We are almost there now. Will show pictures soon! :)


I've got this thing for...

Terrestrial globes...
The older and more old fashion they look the better... I could have them all! Don't you just love em?


Vests (such a funny word to say)

Recently I have developed a love of vests. This one I like in particular.