Updated beauty box

During this past week, I've realized that almost all of my everyday make up and beauty products are just about to run out. Like, all the big stuff that I "can't live without". (This is obviously an exaggeration without any sense of proportion, but anyways...) So today, I went beauty shopping. I try to think about the fact that these are products that last for a long time. It's still expensive though. Here's what I got:
Feel free to ask questions about these products (or other ones) and I will try to answer them. :) Now I am off to my beauty sleep...



I've wanted to try being a brunette for quite a while, and now I finally got around to it! ;)
What do you think? Dig or dis?? Be nice now...
Why don't you have a go? It is super fun, but a warning is probably in place - it is also a serious time-waster...



We're talking about the area right here:

Underestimated: Full length mirrors

Today when I got home from work, J had finished our entrance closet. (YAY! I now have a full length mirror again!) Here you can see the process from an empty space of uselessness to a perfect closet. Behind the entrance closet is our wardrobe. Talk about a change for the better! :)
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Ovenbake Recipe

Recipe + picture: Me ©

Tonight's Dinner - Smoked ham ovenbake

Pictures: Me ©


picture: Wikipedia
(Tomorrow to be precise, but now because now it is tomorrow in Australia :) )

Naan Bread

I have been baking again, this time naan bread. They turned out so good! Simply delicious! I have to make a bunch next time we're to go to my parents house for Indian food! There were 6 of them to start with but we ate one right away! Yum!

Label cloud!

As I have many a time felt bad about having too many lables on my posts, I have never gotten around making a list of them. (I've always really wanted one but hey, a list of about 300 tags...? No one would ever be able to find anything anyways! Plus, I have a bunch of tags that are only tagged to that one post that I wrote about something specific.) Anyways, I now realized that I could choose what tags/lables to put on that list. Cool! :) So I sorted out the main categories and put them in a "cloud" to the right, below the archives. And now it will be a whole lot easier for me, and for you, to find stuff that belongs to a specific category. Great, eh? :)
I also realized that I label most posts "inspiration" which makes this an inspirational blog = I Love.



I went for a spontaneous shopping spree today. :) Got two bargains and one regular. All tops are from Bikbok. (Nice with something that is not related to food??)


A Stack

Picture: Me ©
This is what we had for breakfast this morning (literally), real homemade American pancakes. So good, and they turned our really nice for being our first try. Not that it's all that hard. I will need to get some real proper maple syrup though, whatever we had in syrup-way was not so good.



I walk past this tree on my way to work. One of the pro's about winter and dark mornings is all these lights around and about. They make life... well, lighter :)


More food

While this blog is not about to turn into a food or cooking blog, I still want to post some of the meals that we make and eat. Some of them are too good to just let go of. :) Today's dinner consisted of ovenbaked pork fillet with creamed mushroom (yellow chanterelle), potatoes and a sallad.

Love Never Fails

A graphic design that I made. What do you think? :)


Cheese Sticks Recipe

Today's Lunch - Potato and Leek Soup + Cheese Sticks

And here are the cheese sticks that I made. Talk about "yum" :) Recipe comes soon.


Food planning!

I just finished planning what we are going to eat during the next two weeks. This is a great time saver during the weeks. The time it usually takes me to get inspired, not to mention going grocery shopping several times. Also, it is economical. Instead of buying all sorts of different groceries and then try to make something out of them, I go the other way round. In the end I won't have to throw so much out. Ha, and after watching Julie & Julia, I go for butter instead of margarine. :) (Ok, I did some research and butter it is.)
If you speak Swedish and want to take a closer look, just click to enlarge.
Here's what it looks like when I'm in the midst of planning something :) Now I'm all set to go grocery shopping first thing in the morning! :) Just need to print my plan! Nighty night!


Outfit #08 Vintage Marimekko

This is one of the gifts I got for Christmas. An apron that Mum sewed out of a vintage Marimekko fabric that she had. The pattern is called Kumiseva and it is so gorgeous I could buy a new piece and sew myself a dress. Only it's kind of expensive (and I have no clue how to sew a dress). However, the pattern designer is a Japanese man with the name Katsuji Wakisaka. He worked for Marimekko 1968-1976 and this particular pattern came to be in 1971. Now there's a history lesson for you. :) Anyways, I love my apron and I'm sure I'll be a better cook for it. :)


I'm waiting

As cold and icy and dark and hopeless as it may be outside, it is impossible not to long for spring. At least when seeing a picture like this one. I'm currently planning for new flower arrangements and they are going to be spring all the way! I'll get back to that in a few weeks :)

(I won't even tell you that this happens to be a Christmas decoration picture... can you see the Christmas tree balls? Ha! How funny is that?)

Coffee table candle group

Time for some living room pictures, I should think. Our living room has been finished for a while now, since about a week before Christmas. Obviously, these are not the "official after renovation pictures", they will have to wait a while longer. I need to clear out all things Christmas and let spring in before. Anyways, this is our current coffe table and a nice group of candles that I put on it. It's a vintage American trunk that I think belonged to my husbands grandfather's aunt (or something like that). It has travelled across the Atlantic Sea many times.
Pictures: Me ©


If I were to win...

Picture: Marbodal
I would probably choose these kitchen shutters - Marbodal Form Vit (but of course with glass uppers). The counter would be oak. And that's probably where the similarities with this pictures ends. It's a great way to see what it could be like though. Visit Marbodal to see what your kitchen could look like!


On my way home from work

It is absolutely stunning outside these days! Everything is covered with frosty crystals and it is so quiet! People barely speek to one another. It is cold also, but I almost don't mind as long as I wear proper clothing. Here's a picture!
Photo: Me ©


Yess...oh, no!

A few minutes ago, as I sat by the tv, I thought the new season of Grey's Anatomy just started and I felt "YES!" Wild guess if I was disappointed when I realized it was season 1 episode 1 that I was just starting... I miss Grey's Anatomyhyhy... :)


Mood Board #06 Girls' Night In

Oh, but... This looks just like last night! :) Thanks, all you girls!



You know Spotify? Almost all music, available for free? Legally. Voddler is like Spotify but with movies. I've seen a few movies now, streamed through Voddler, and I can say, I really like it. The only thing is I'd like to see more movies on there. However, the service is very new and probably more and more movies will be added as we go. That's Sweden for you, bebeh! :) A huge DIG IT!


The end of life as I knew it.

I watched this movie last night. Now I feel post P.S I Love You. It kind of was "the end of life as I knew it." Awesome. Horrible. So good. I cried a river.



Yeah, so no worries!


Sequins all over? Yes please.

These leggings I could totally wear just about all the time. Love 'em!
Leggings are: Only [nelly.com] / VILA [vila.dk]


A Pal

A pal I would not say no to :) I love things that come in multiple colours. The more choice the better!


200... 2010 :)

Picture: Me, click to enlarge!