mother-daugher time

This past Friday I had a (very well-needed) day off work. As J had work to do all day, I called mum to check if she was home, then hopped on the first best bus and went "home" to Stavsjö. Once there, we had a nice long brunch and then went out for a long walk. We went to a lake called Virlången, and on the trail along the shore, we found yellow chanterelles. The first ones of the season, and a lot of it, too. Love it! :) Yum! Naturally, a fika followed the walk. Hot tea, blueberry smoothie and also I brought rhubarb semifreddo. Mum loved it (dad too, when he got home from work in the evening). The pictures:
Precious mum! :) The chanterelles and the fika.
Gorgeous scenery, hey? :)

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