Fruit Salad

Today, me and J went to my parents' for dinner. For dessert, we made the most gorgeous, lovely looking pink fruit salad. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home but as soon as I make one again, there will be pictures here! Meanwhile, the recipe, and you can all see for yourselves!
In my family, making a fruit salad is something of an art :) It takes tiny pieces of fruit in a perfect blend, just enough sugar and raisins and perfectly whipped cream. Like I said, it's an art.


Whilst blogging

Enjoying a bowl of (one of) my favourite snacks: Cold, fresh, Swedish apple wedges. Yum!


S/S10 - The Inspiration (Mood Board #07)

Items are:
1. Translucent Leggings in Bordeaux – Nümph / 2. Leopard Story Print – AfricaAway / 3. Scooped Neck T-shirt - Haider Ackermann / 4. Sequin Embellished Vest - Forever21 / 5. Navy Animal Sequin Vest - Dorothy Perkins / 6. Messenger Bag Soft Walnut – ZF / 7. Maldives Mix Bangles - Monsoon Accessorize / 8. Alanna Bangle Set - Amrita Singh / 9. Fred Satin Tunic - Day Birger et Mikkelsen / 10. False Lash Effect Mascara - Max Factor / 11. Summer Nail Polish Luscious Lips – Essie / 12. Ample Color Fever Plumper Plumping Vibrant Lipshine – Lancôme / 13. Marnie Shoes - Mona Moore
All pictures are from Polyvore.com in collage by me.


Sara Norris Photography

A few days ago I kind of stumbled across a blog post with wonderful gorgeous pictures. I immediately switched off autopilot mode and went into detail mode. I love these photos! They are so fresh and happy and colourful! Behind them is artist/photographer Sara Norris, who works out of New Mexico, USA. On her Etsy shop, there are heaps of lovely pictures available for purchase. Here's a few of my favourites:
© Sara Norris Photography
I feel so inspired! I think I could fit any of her photos anywhere in my home! You really should stop by! :)

Just another entrance post

Here's the latest achievement in the entrance, gypsum boards. Just thought I'd show you! :)
This is a song that I like a lot. Shivers!

Take a look at these icicles!

Picture: Me
It's beautiful and scary. From yesterday's walk.


Would you like a semla?

This is the time of year for semlor (lenten bun? shrovetide bun? cream puff/bun?) Today after our walk, we stopped by a confectionary shop and bought ourselves a couple. Yum! :)
I enjoyed mine with a nice cup of tea. Twinings Earl Grey, naturally.

Vintage Boots

These are my mum's old boots from the 60's. She was 15 when she got them and I like them so so so much! Talk about quality...!
The picture is from the walk we took today, trying to catch some of the gorgeous sunlight. Actually, I really don't mind snow and cold if at least it's sunny out. Lately, even I've been starting to tire of overcast skies. More sun! :)

Online Magazine

Pictures from Lonny Magazine (issue three) in collage by me.
Lonny Magazine is a new online home decor magazine. Three issues published, all available on their webpage. Such a great idea! Even though I would kind of miss the charm of a paper copy... It's just a whole other experience, one doesn't have to rule out the other! :)


S'mores Recipe

So, s'mores are kind of like an American campfire snack. But I suppose you'd find them in heaps more places. After my previous post, I received a request for the s'mores recipe. Therefore, voilà! :)
Picture+recipe: Me
Also, this seems like a great time to mention that I gladly accept any requests or suggestions on what to blog about or whatever! Just fire away! :)

My own S'mores

Today I made my own s'mores for the first time. And my, were they delicious! :) Of course I snapped some photos for the blog!
Picture: me
Thank you, Jennifer, for an amazing gift! :)


Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder

Before / after
About: Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder is a lightweight powder that is applied to roots/bottom of hair. Gives volume and texture that lasts all day (even a few days, I'd say).
Short review: I really think this product matches the claims. It is easy to use, gives lots of texture and body to the hair. Claims to work especially great on fine hair and having just that, I can say it does.


Inside that package...

Here in winter-Sweden we need some Aussie stuff - Fudge will do the trick! :)
Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It / Fudge Matte Hed / Fudge Hair Shaper
The Fudge products are mainly for J, but occasionally I do experiment with them. The Dust It powder on the other hand is mine and honestly, it seriously works like magic. It really does. Want proof? Hang in there, tomorrow I will post before and after pictures! :) I got these products from here.

Quick update!

The renovation of our entrance in general, the lowering of the ceiling in particular, is going good. The electrician was here yesterday and today and prepared for the recessed downlights. I kind of think it looks like an alien :S ha! Here's a picture of the progress since last time:
And anyways, "quick update!" because I really have to go like 10 minutes ago! See ya!

A package in the mail!

Ohh, how I love getting packages! (Yes, even when I ordered them and know what's in them.)


Tray tables

These too, are nice. :)
Pictures from Spiti.se in collage by me.
But then as I sit here, creating this blog post, I see pictures of square trays on stands, and I kind of like them even better. It's a whole different thing though. More like New England-ish (which I love.) and I'll probably blog about that sometime in the future.

How about a ladder?

I like ladders. I'd really like to have one in my bathroom or bedroom. Probably not in both places though :) Ha!
Pictures are from Betty's torpliv and Spiti, in collage by me.


Pictures from sagoliktgott.se in collage by me.
How cool are these glass balls/balloons? Pretty awesome if you ask me :) And they come with a reasonable price tag as well. Find them here.


About herbs

This is apparently supposed to be a really smart little thing. For storing herbs (and also asparagus). It is self watering and claims to keep herbs fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. That would be awesome - I love having fresh herbs at home but they always give up so quickly... But 300SEK/$45...? Swedish people may find it here.



Renovation update - the next project

The ceiling in the entrance. We're lowering it so as to make room for recessed downlights. It is going to be so nice! :) That's also what all the marks are for - how to place the lights.
After this comes walls. But one thing at a time, right? :)



I really like these paintings/canvas signs... Both style and content.
Pictures from inspirational Rockett St George.
But then again, aren't they kind of uncomplicated to do yourself? I think so. The Rockett St George is well worth a visit though - tons of inspo there! (...haha)


in or out ?

Haha, love it!


times 6

These are nice.
Picture: collage by me, of pictures from Par Courrier.



Ok, so I think I might be back now :) Again. I just started working two weeks ago, and it's kind of a big deal working full weeks (almost) plus doing all the other things that need to be done and the things that I want to do - like blogging :) But anyways, hey? Here we go!
So here's a colour I would love to wear on my nails. Only, this constant cold combined with working with kids make my nails a no-go. So I'll have to wait for warmer temperatures - at least. Oh, this almost made me get spring feelings! :)
O.P.I You Don't Know Jacques [source]



Just here to let you all know that Grey's Anatomy finally set an air date! On
this is the place to be:
in our super comfy couch. And I'll watch Grey's on this one:
37'' Philips tv with ambilight. Pictures: Me