Kitchen #01

This kitchen is simply amazing! I love how the cupboards go all the way up to the ceiling! That is a must-have in my future kitchen. The thought of getting rid of the sticky greasy stuff that just draws dust to itself makes me all warm and happy inside! Functionality first.


My big issue

My big issue: floors. Dark? White?
I figured that all floors looking the same, that would be the nicest. All-white or all-dark brown(-ish).
But then, I re-figured and realized that a compromise is alright. Maybe even better than having it all the same.
What would you say?


And so the refurbishing has begun!

Yes, the bedroom wallpaper has officially been torn off/down/apart. Fun! The weird thing is it kinda looks better now than before... not good, more like... we're making progress and that feels great! There's also a hole in the wall where a door will be put in sometime in the future.



Great idea, potting flowers in teacups! Note to self! Would love to have a bunch in one of my windows.



I would absolutely LOVE having one of these (or two, for that matter) in my kitchen. They are soo nice! (And expensive.) Colour... can't really decide.

Work, laundry, ice-cream, volleyball, blogging, cozy

(at least some days will be recapped like this... other posts are more fun though, haha)



Give us a kiss!

Such a fun idea to make something ordinary a little bit extraordinary! I'll be off to a shop to get me some clips to work with as soon as I have time... Imagine, it would be such a cute detail on a birthday card, or any card for that matter. A definite Note to self!

Click here for full post and instructions on Design*Sponge.


Sunshine, rain, cleaning, shopping, sunshine, night

There is this book, Six Word Memoirs, edited by Smith Magazine. It is all about every person having a story to tell and about telling that story in six words. It is full of people doing just that. Since I find the idea fun, I will try to recap, if not my life story then at least each day, in six words.

What was your day like, in six words?


I would love

To have one of these on our balcony! It would be absolutely amazing! Maybe a slightly smaller size and with wooded surface areas. Having bbq's out in the sun, sit with friends. Goodie!


Lovely candles

Tin candles, tea cup candles... diy and improvise. Fun! Note to self: Make personalized candles. Perfect for a cozy home or as presents. Or for travelling (the tin one). This is precisely my cup of... candle?

Click here & here for full post and instructions on Design*Sponge.


Moving apartments...

All packed up and ready for a new apartment. Here we go!


A vision

Something like this is what I want my balcony to look like [smiling sheepishly]. Well, probably not the size or the bench seat or... it's just more like... the feeling that I want to capture. And the materials and the style of the plants. Colours. Aw, you get it! Just add heaps n heaps of candles and fairy lights and stuff. And a couple of arm chairs and a table. There you have it, a vision.


Built-in bench seat

I really want one of these in my new large kitchen... with heaps of nice cushions... yup.


The day my mom turned 61

Such a nice day! Sunshine, raspberry&chocolate cake, friends, a long walk in beautiful surroundings, flower picking... It had all the ingredients!


Wish-list #1 - An apartment of our own. Check!

YAY! This is our very own apartment. It feels amazing! It does need some fixing and refurbishing but it has got potential! You will be hearing a lot more about this in the future. Guaranteed.


Lillies-of-the-valley & my engagement+wedding rings

I recently visited my parents and got a chance to pick the year's first lillies of the valley. Another favourite of mine! Both the flower and picking the very first ones. Here they are, including my rings - newly polished and as beautiful as I intended them to be (when I designed them :P haha).


DIY jar lights

Genie in a bottle... Lamp in a jar... same same different. This is, however, the masterstroke of a genius. Really nice! It is a lamp made out of old jars. Here, specific "mason jars" but I should think the kind of jars matters less. Presumably. Except for the aesthetical point of view, of course. Another DIY project.
Click here for full post and instructions on Design*Sponge.


Brooke Fraser - Shadowfeet

SUCH a great song and such a great artist. Brooke Fraser really is amazing.


Happy Birthday Danielle!

Yesterday we celebrated my husband's sister's 25th b'day! (Even though her birthday was actually earlier this week.) We had the most amazing "meringue swish", a strawberry one and a chocolate one, yum!


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Just recently I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was great! I loved the prior three movies and so my expectations on this one were fairly high. I'm glad to say it passed the mark.


B'day shopping in London

To whomever may have missed it: I have been to London. :) The first of my 4 days there was also my birthday. This equals birthday shopping. Most of it is from Primark (thank God for Primark, hey?), the eyeshadows are from Barry M/Topshop and the notebook from some small bookshop in South Kensington. Wahoo! The goodies are... the small purse, the neon wallet... oh gee, I love it all! :) Over and out!


Outfit #02 May Sunshine

Wearing: Jacket - Vila / Tunic/top & ear studs - Primark / Leggings & sunnies - Cubus / Shoes - Lacoste / Scarf - Forever New Australia


A simple equation

White, white, white + lots & lots of nice bright colours + odd pieces of furniture & details & gizmos = I. Love. A. Lot.

(images from Linn, source: unknown)


Outfit #01 Spring in Hyde Park

I have been to London. It was gorgeous! Spring still but a lot like summer. Enough said. When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted was for it to contain some of my outfits. Maybe because I want to see the change over time, I don't know. Anyways, here we go! This is one of my outfits from London...
Wearing: Leggings & tank top - Cubus / Shoes - Lacoste / Top & bag - Primark / Cardigan - Dotti Australia


1st of May

Today is the 1st of May. This is of no specific importance unless you are from Sweden. Although the importance even here could be questioned. The May-flower, however, is lovely!