30 minute frosting...

I spent the evening trying out a fluffy frosting for cupcakes. I've wanted to try making a 7-minute frosting for a while (ever since I saw how glossy and lovely iy looked), so that's what I did. I think it turned out really good. It wasn't difficult, per se, only a bit fussy. But then, this was my very first time so next time it will probably be mush easier. Here's a few pictures of it. Firstly, in the bowl (colours much better than in second picture... ) and secondly, piped out and decorated with either shredded coconut or sugar pearls (nonpareilles). I kept half of it white and made the other half softly pink.
(Sorry about the crappy pictures... not much light nor time... click to enlarge.)
Next up is a cream cheese frosting or a buttercream. Anyone got any good receipes?? Feel free to share them! :) And about the title... it didn't take me 7 minutes. More like 30-ish... Ha!

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