Banana Bread + Party

Tonight, I made Banana Bread. My very first time yet I found it so easy and it turned out so good! :) And I don't even really like banana bread. It's an Aussie thing for me and so maybe, due to my recent nostalgia, I've started liking it. Or maybe I'm just really good at making them :) Ha! I will definitely post the recipe. Only, there's not much time for blogging this coming week. My birthday is on Thursday and I'm having a small-ish party-ish, that same evening. It's going to be fun but it does take some planning ahead. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, see you next weekend with new posts! :) (On the 1st of May, are you serious??)
Yes, the paper pan is from the same collection as these. Too cute! :)

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