A Birthday Present

Today I got myself a birthday present. No, it isn't my birthday today, actually I could probably not be farther away - it was 6 months ago to the day yesterday = 6 months till next time. Anyways when it was my birthday last time I got a gift voucher from my dear friends Elisabet&Johan and Aron. And today I made a present out of that voucher! :) This is what I got + 2 cups that I can show later if you want to see them!
Candle holders are Changetta's from Cult Design. Pictures: Me
The pink things are candle rings (or squares) that are changeable... I can think of at least five others that I wouldn't mind:
Mine are currently placed in my bedroom window and they fit wonderfully! I have wanted these for like ever so, you guys, I totally appreciate it! Love your gift ;) Oh, and
Ps. Our bedroom is now FINISHED and pictures will be up within the next few days. Obviously I'll need to spend some more time decorating but the base is finally done! Yay!

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