DIG OR DIS #01 - Tea light candle in clear plastic cup

This is SUCH a great idea! I absolutely love how when the whole piece of stearine melts it appears as though there is nothing but a flame in the candle holder. Like in the second & third pictures. Obviously it's more for clear or kind-of-clear candle holders but anyways! :)

Pictures: Me

They, the kind of candle that is, were hard to find, that's for sure, but I just bought a bunch from Swedish shop & web shop Inredningsboden. So there you go! Now you won't have to look so hard! :) (Unless your one of my international friends... which I know many of you are... sorry. At least you'll know what to look for, right?) Inredningsboden, btw, have real good service and I can really recommend shopping there!
Second picture is from a wedding this past spring and the third picture is how I used the candles in the decorations for my father-in-law's 50th birthday party.

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