About timers

Here's one thing that I will soon have in my kitchen. It's a kitchen timer with a magnet so that it attaches to magnetic areas of the kitchen; fridge, fan... Since I haven't yet decided on what colour to order I haven't ordered one quite yet. My choice is primarily between the two in the second picture. Or perhaps the blue one in the top left corner of this first picture.
What colour would you choose??
Timers are by Dulton and pictures from cosas.se where you can order this gorgeous timer amongst heaps of other nice things [= cosas in Spanish]!


  1. En piffigt röd skulle jag tro.. eller den härligt gröna.. /Malin i höstmysiga Luleå

  2. Ja... kanske det... allt är så fina tycker jag! Blir nog den gula... rosa blir det rätt mkt av ändå om jag känner mig själv rätt ;)