new, new & new

So we went to IKEA the other day and now we've got a new pendant for the kitchen table (unsprayed as of yet and maybe we'll keep it this way? Kind of looks light (light) grey with all the white-white around...) and a big chest of drawers in the wardrobe. The drawers take a lot of space but then they give a lot of it too! So definitely worth it. And it's white :) of course.
click to enlarge...
And now I have somewhere to put all our cute baby clothes! Perfect! Ahh, can't W A I T! :) And here's how the wardrobe looked before.


  1. Have the exact same drawers for our little man (: LOVE them!

  2. They're absolutely great! :) And they look neat as well! Wouldn't mind having them out in the open even... :)