Mood board #09 - ready for baby

4 days till due date. Please baby, be on time! :)
Pictures from NameIt, Lindex, Lekmer, Natusan, ImseVimse, MAM and NotesbyCecilia in collage by me.


  1. Barbapapa! My babe has H&M Barbapapa clothes, LOVE them! Oh, and are you cloth nappying or disposable nappying? We've got cloth nappies, LOVE them too!

  2. Re: We're thinking about cloth nappies... but I still want it to be easy and not heaps of folding and stuff... Which ones have you got that you like? There's this swedish brand called ImseVimse (google it) that have all-in-one nappies. There's probably others that are similar but I'm thinking about those. ADVICE PLEASE!!! :)