Swedish Cuisine #01

So I'm on this quest of learning how to cook proper-homemade-from scratch food within the Swedish cuisine. Stuff that my mother and grandmother would make. First out (at least here on the blog) is pannbiff/wallenbergare or Salisbury steak in English, which is not really the same thing but well, close enough. Publication of recipes can definitely be arranged for if there is any interest - give me a shout should that be the case!
Pannbiff/Wallenbergare with potato wedges, chanterelle sauce and steamed cauliflower+broccoli+carrot.
This is the kind of food one kan feel good about eating! And so yummy! The chanterelles me and mum picked during one of our walks earlier this autumn... :)

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  1. Fun! I would like to learn to make more traditional Swedish cuisine as well. I have made Wallenbergare a couple of times, but we don't do mushrooms in our house. :) I look forward to your future posts along these lines.