Bringing new life

Currently, we are, as mentioned earlier, working on our living room. A few days ago we started renovating our oak parquet floor. After sanding the floor several times to make sure the old varnish was gone, we decided to finish the floor with oil instead of varnish - it looks so much better plus it ages more beautifully. I've got before & after pictures right here. I really didn't even retouch the photos... and if anything, I made the before-picture look slightly better than it originally did :P The floor has now got a whole other depth and luster to it - it looks alive. I'm in love with it! How amazing? Amaazing!
Pictures: Me (click image to enlarge)
Another thing that makes me love this floor is the structure, how it's layed out. I haven't seen a floor like our's before and love having something that's original.