Right out of NY

I'd really like to try something new and good for my hair. I've heard Redken is great. I wouldn't know, never tried it. Anyone who did? What was it like? Better than the regular products you can get at any grocery store? The problem is they're like 10 times the price of what I normally use. These are the ones I'd like to try out: Body Full / Blonde Glam / Expert
Picture: Collage by me, images from Bangerhead where you can also get these + more products.


  1. I tried some of the series for blond hair and I loved it! :)


  2. Redken is great! It is very concentrated so you don't need a lot for one shampoo. Which makes it last a lot longer than grocery store brands. Plus because the grocery brands have a different PH than professional products they are way more damaging on your hair. I would always suggest professional products!