Much longed for

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! [said in Donald Duck voice] Finally it is here! The new IKEA catalogue! I love when it comes in the mail. It makes me long for rain all day and a hot chocolate (preferably from Gloria Jean's but since being in Sweden I just make my own with O'boy chocolate mix!) - the perfect excuse for spending hours going through the whole thing! :) Here are some things that I liked...

A box on wheels to have beneath the bed! Who wouldn't want to have one of those?

A cabinet in which to keep shoes... and it is even looking nice! HEMNES.

I really like this hallway combination. Especially the metal thing onto which you can attach notes and messages.

A collage of pictures in nice frames that covers an entire wall - a must have!

A nice system of shelves, HYLLIS.

I really like this bench... I'd love to have one in my own bathroom, MOLGER.

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