The Last Excuse

So, for some time now, (really since even before summer started and a while before that) I've been asked frequently to join people for a run. Since I know I really ought to start running, my last excuse has been that I don't have any suitable shoes for running and so I constantly got myself out of the situation, wholeskinned. Well, last week I bought a new pair of running shoes and so now I am absolutely out of excuses. Tonight (at like 10.30 pm) me and Joel went for a run. 5,4 km in 35 minutes. I feel dead now but I made it through, running the whole distance. Yay! Now I just have to keep it up at a regular basis but that's the easy part, right? :P

5,4 km in 35 minutes... that's all the way around the inner city, along the Avenues :) Great place for running, beautiful surroundings at a good distance.

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