Summer again, anyone?

Right now it feels like it will never be summer again... the temperatures more resemble autumn. I'm hoping for warmer days from now on, especially in four weeks time when my summer holidays begin! (SO looking forward to that!)

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  1. Hi Cecilia, No worries. The reason I wrote that was because at first glance at her link in her post I thought it was Kelly Hoppen, but then when I looked at it again, it said Hoppe. So, when I wrote what I wrote in my post, it was just to point out that even though the link says Hoppe, it does in fact connect to Kelly Hoppen's website, so people wouldn't get confused. But, I can see your point. It could be taken as me criticizing her spelling, which was not my intention at all. I would never intentionally insult anyone... that's just not who I am. But, I'm so glad that you wrote back, because I felt bad that I elicited that reaction from you. In 9 months of doing my blog, you are the first one to ever get upset with me! :) I guess that is a good record? LOL.... Seriously though, we are all good! Your blog is very good BTW... I love your header with the flowers.