<3 on wall

This is an idea that I will copy as soon as I have pictures (and a wall...).
I love how it is all symmetrical, the pictures on the wall, the bedside lamps, the books... Maybe because I haven't really had it like that, yet. But it is coming! Maybe I would frame it nicely? A frame like this brown one right here, around the picture. It could look like this:
Note to self: Take loads of nice, artistic, beautiful, romantic photos... yay!


  1. snyggt! men det var nästan mysigare utan inramning på hjärtat eller vad tycker du?

  2. aaah, jättefint!! röstar också på utan ram!

  3. haha jaa... känslan försvann liksom när jag satte en ram runt... blir nog utan ram i vilket fall... (ekonomisk...are)